“Rugrats in Paris: The Movie” quotes

Movie Rugrats in Paris: The Movie
Title Rugrats in Paris: The Movie
Year 2000
Directors Stig Bergqvist, Paul Demeyer
Genre Comedy, Romance, Adventure, Family, Animation
Plot – In this new adventure, the Rugrats fly to Paris. Here, the babies visit the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and an amusement park, where they will learn a new lesson about love, courage and loyalty.
All actors – Elizabeth Daily, Tara Strong, Cheryl Chase, Christine Cavanaugh, Cree Summer, Kath Soucie, Michael Bell, Tress MacNeille, Casey Kasem, Joe Alaskey, Debbie Reynolds, Jack Riley
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  • “- Tommy Pickles: I believe in the playground. It is my favoritest place, but two days ago two boys came and buried my brother's binky. Then he started to cry.
    - Angelica: Do you have come to me to take care of two boys?
    - Tommy Pickles: No, just a new binky.”

    Elizabeth Daily - Tommy Pickles
    Cheryl Chase - Angelica
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  • “- Lil DeVille: Um, Bobfather, we found this in our crib.
    - Angelica: Well that's what you get for wiping your boogers on Cynthia.
    - Phil DeVille: So that's where I left them.”

    Kath Soucie - Lil DeVille
    Cheryl Chase - Angelica
    Kath Soucie - Phil DeVille
  • “- Drew Pickles: I can't believe that Angelica saw that movie last night.
    - Charlotte Pickles: I can't mother and merger at the same time.”

    Michael Bell - Drew Pickles
    Tress MacNeille - Charlotte Pickles
  • “- Kira Watanabe: I can no longer stand by, and watch you destroy their lives. I'm going to tell Chas the truth, and there's not a thing you can do to stop me.
    - Coco LaBouche: Except throw out on the curb, au revoir.”

    Julia Kato - Kira Watanabe
    Susan Sarandon - Coco LaBouche
  • “- Mr. Yamaguchi: Now, Ms. LaBouche. You are dismissed.
    - Coco LaBouche: Dismissed? But no one fires Coco LaBouche. Coco LaBouche fires others!”

    Mako - Mr. Yamaguchi
    Susan Sarandon - Coco LaBouche
  • “A baby's got to do what a baby's got to do!”
    Christine Cavanaugh - Chuckie Finster
  • “- Kira Watanabe: You cannot go through with this. It's obvious, you don't really love Chas or Chuckie.
    - Coco LaBouche: Which is which, again?”

    Julia Kato - Kira Watanabe
    Susan Sarandon - Coco LaBouche
    [Tag:decision, love]
  • “- Coco LaBouche: Years of clawing my way to the top, have gone to waste. Why am I not some childstandard mother? Why? Why? Why?
    - Jean-Claude: Becuase you hate children, and men find you, to be a heartless shrew.”

    Susan Sarandon - Coco LaBouche
    John Lithgow - Jean-Claude
  • “- Angelica: I already learned to parsley-boo Francie. That means speak French.
    - Susie Carmichael: I feel bad for the French people who will hear you.”

    Cheryl Chase - Angelica
    Cree Summer - Susie Carmichael