“Manhattan Melodrama” quotes

Movie Manhattan Melodrama
George Cukor directed this movie in 1934
Title Manhattan Melodrama
Year 1934
Directors W.S. Van Dyke, George Cukor
Genre Drama, Crime, Romance
Plot – Two orphans are raised by a merciful man. When he dies, the boys take different ways. Blackie ends up in the most infamous environments, while Jim becomes a famous magistrate. Blackie's lover abandons him as she falls in love with Jim and marries him. When Jim risks to lose the battle at the polling station, his wife confides with Blackie, who kills Jim's opponents. When the magistrate judges his childhood friend, he ignores the reason of the crime and condemns Blackie to death. Jim's wife reveals her husband everything, so he tries to commute the sentence but Blackie refuses and heads serene to the electric chair. The next day Jim resigns from his position and retires to private life.
All actors – Clark Gable, William Powell, Myrna Loy, Leo Carrillo, Nat Pendleton, George Sidney, Isabel Jewell, Muriel Evans, Thomas E. Jackson, Isabelle Keith, Frank Conroy, Noel Madison
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