“Port of Shadows” quotes

Movie Port of Shadows
Title Port of Shadows
Original title Le quai des brumes
Year 1938
Director Marcel Carné
Genre Drama, Crime, Romance, Thriller
All actors – Jean Gabin, Michel Simon, Michèle Morgan, Pierre Brasseur, Édouard Delmont, Raymond Aimos, Robert Le Vigan, René Génin, Marcel Pérès, Jenny Burnay, Roger Legris, Martial Rèbe
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  • “I painted flowers, women and children. It's like I painted the crime right into them. I'd see crime in a rose.”

    Robert Le Vigan - Le peintre
    [Tag:crime, painting]
  • “Ever see a woman in love with a soldier? She loves him when he parades in step with the music. But when he shows up alone, you should see the look on her face! A man and a woman can't get along.”

    Jean Gabin - Jean
  • Funny how blood stains clothes but washes off hands so easily. Ever notice how doctors and surgeons have such clean, white hands? Even though their pretty hands wallow in blood the whole blessed day.”
    Michel Simon - Zabel
  • “- Jean: A man and a woman can't get along. They don't talk the same. They don't use the same vocabulary.
    - Nelly: Maybe so, but they can love each other.”

    Jean Gabin - Jean
    Michèle Morgan - Nelly
    [Tag:love, men, women]
  • “You have to be an idiot to go on living with such discontent, such anxiety.”
    Robert Le Vigan - Le peintre
  • “Some people go fishing or hunting or go to war. Others commit crimes of passion. Some commit suicide. You have to kill someone.”
    Robert Le Vigan - Le peintre
  • “- Le peintre: You love life?
    - Jean: It has its moments.”

    Robert Le Vigan - Le peintre
    Jean Gabin - Jean
    [Tag:life, living]
  • “A tree. When I paint one, it sets everyone on edge. It's because there's someone or something hidden behind that tree. I can't help painting what's hidden behind things. To me a swimmer is already a drowned man.”

    Robert Le Vigan - Le peintre