“Meatballs Part II” quotes

Movie Meatballs Part II
Title Meatballs Part II
Year 1984
Director Ken Wiederhorn
Genre Comedy
Plot – Two summer holiday camps organize a boxing competition among their members.
All actors – Richard Mulligan, Hamilton Camp, John Mengatti, Kim Richards, Archie Hahn, Misty Rowe, Ralph Seymour, Tammy Taylor, John Larroquette, Paul Reubens, Jason Hervey, David Hollander
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  • “- Jamie: Okay, this is it. It's a nice spot. Really secluded.
    - Fanny: Are you sure it's safe?
    - Jamie: Does a bear shit in the woods?”

    Archie Hahn - Jamie
    Misty Rowe - Fanny
    [Tag:place, privacy]
  • “- Jamie: Fanny please, I love them!
    - Fanny: Them?
    - Jamie: Uh, I mean you...”

    Archie Hahn - Jamie
    Misty Rowe - Fanny
    [Tag:breast, love]
  • “Just remember ladies. That this is a cabin for respectable women. There will be no talk of pinkies. They're not playthings, you know! They're weapons! Dangerous weapons! Like loaded guns! They can go off when you least expect it!”
    Misty Rowe - Fanny
    [Tag:genitalia, women]
  • “- Armand 'Flash' Carducci: Hi, girls. What's happening? My name's Flash, what's yours?
    - Nancy: Don't talk to him, Cheryl, he's a dork.
    - Armand 'Flash' Carducci: I'm not a dork, I'm Italian!”

    John Mengatti - Armand 'Flash' Carducci
    Tammy Taylor - Nancy