“Fade to Black” quotes

Movie Fade to Black
Title Fade to Black
Year 1980
Director Vernon Zimmerman
Genre Comedy, Horror, Thriller
Interpreted by
All actors – Dennis Christopher, Tim Thomerson, Gwynne Gilford, Norman Burton, Linda Kerridge, Morgan Paull, James Luisi, Eve Brent, John Steadman, Marcie Barkin, Mickey Rourke, Peter Horton
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  • “- Marty Berger: Where the hell have you been, Binford? I could have you arrested for stealing company property!
    - Eric Binford: I needed wheels, Mr. Berger.
    - Marty Berger: That's not an answer. Why can't you buy a car with the insurance money that your aunt left you?”

    Norman Burton - Marty Berger
    Dennis Christopher - Eric Binford
    [Tag:cars, theft]
  • “- Bart: You think the copssuspect me of killing Richie even though I was his best friend?
    - Eric Binford: The cops are paid to suspect everyone but catch no one.”

    Hennen Chambers - Bart
    Dennis Christopher - Eric Binford
    [Tag:police, suspicion]
  • “- Marty Berger: I've been hearing all kinds of things about you lately, Binford.
    - Eric Binford: You mean like my wedding?
    - Marty Berger: Now that is one I haven't heard. I can't picture the creature who'd want to marry you. Tell me, who is this unlucky girl?
    - Eric Binford: She's a famous actress.
    - Marty Berger: And who may this famous...” (continue)
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    Norman Burton - Marty Berger
    Dennis Christopher - Eric Binford
    [Tag:actors, marriage]
  • “- Marty Berger: Where are you going?
    - Eric Binford: Out of my way! I'm going to clean out my work station.
    - Marty Berger: This is my place of business and you're not going inside anymore! I told you that you're fired!”

    Norman Burton - Marty Berger
    Dennis Christopher - Eric Binford
    [Tag:job, layoff]