“Nadine” quotes

Movie Nadine
Title Nadine
Year 1987
Director Robert Benton
Genre Comedy, Romance, Mystery
Plot – Nadine thinks to divorce her husband Vernon Hightower to take care alone of her unborn baby. First, she wants to retrieve some risqué photos Raymond Escobar had taken her long time ago. When she goes to his study, Nadine hears someone stabbing the photographer. Scared, the woman takes an envelope with her name and flees, but by mistake, she has taken the project of an highway. Buford Pope, a local real estate speculator, is looking for it, so he threatens Nadine and her husband. At the end of many adventures, the couple comes back together also because Vernon learns soon he will become a father.
All actors – Jeff Bridges, Kim Basinger, Rip Torn, Gwen Verdon, Glenne Headly, Jerry Stiller, Jay Patterson, William Youmans, Gary Grubbs, Mickey Jones, Blue Deckert, Harlan Jordan
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  • “Why is it you work your butt off all your entire life just to get ahead, and it takes a couple of nitwits about ten minutes to screw the whole thing up?”
    Rip Torn - Buford Pope
  • “I swear you two are living testimony to the fact that it's better to be lucky than smart!”
    Rip Torn - Buford Pope
  • - Buford Pope: I know you're in what they call "financial straits". So why don't you let my boys here set fire to that dump of yours? That way, at least you'll collect on the fire insurance. All you have to do is hand over the map.
    - Vernon Hightower: I appreciate that, but that won't do me no good now. See, I let the insurance lapse about a... (continue)
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    Rip Torn - Buford Pope
    Jeff Bridges - Vernon Hightower
  • “This place looks like pure-D dog shit, don't it? You may not think it, but there's enough explosives here... if you put a little gasoline in the right place, light a match at the wrong time... this dump would go up like a Roman candle. There'd be no way they'd ever find your bodies.”

    Rip Torn - Buford Pope