“Nadine” quotes

Movie Nadine
Title Nadine
Year 1987
Director Robert Benton
Genre Comedy, Romance, Mystery
Plot – Nadine thinks to divorce her husband Vernon Hightower to take care alone of her unborn baby. First, she wants to retrieve some risqué photos Raymond Escobar had taken her long time ago. When she goes to his study, Nadine hears someone stabbing the photographer. Scared, the woman takes an envelope with her name and flees, but by mistake, she has taken the project of an highway. Buford Pope, a local real estate speculator, is looking for it, so he threatens Nadine and her husband. At the end of many adventures, the couple comes back together also because Vernon learns soon he will become a father.
All actors – Jeff Bridges, Kim Basinger, Rip Torn, Gwen Verdon, Glenne Headly, Jerry Stiller, Jay Patterson, William Youmans, Gary Grubbs, Mickey Jones, Blue Deckert, Harlan Jordan
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