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  • “There are worse things in life than death. Have you ever spent an evening with an insurance salesman? ”
    Woody Allen
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  • “Boy, and I thought insurance salesmen were pushy!”

    Michelan Sisti - Michaelangelo
  • “- Boolie Werthan: Mama, cars don't behave. They are behaved upon. Fact is, you demolished that Chrysler all by yourself.
    - Daisy Werthan: Say what you want, I know the truth.
    - Boolie Werthan: The truth is, you just cost the insurance company $2,700. You're a terrible risk. Nobody's gonna want to issue you a policy after this.”

    Dan Aykroyd - Boolie Werthan
    Jessica Tandy - Daisy Werthan
    [Tag:cars, insurance]
  • “I hope you guys are insured.”
    Michael Oliver - Junior
  • “- Brian Hope: Look Charlie, some con men sell life insurance. The church sells afterlife insurance. It's brilliant! Everyone thinks you might need it, and no one can prove you don't.
    - Charlie McManus: The church isn't selling anything, Brian.”

    Eric Idle - Brian Hope
    Robbie Coltrane - Charlie McManus
    [Tag:christianity, church, insurance]
  • “Oh, look. We have no roof, but at least we have four good walls. ...The insurance company is never going to believe this!”

    Robbie Coltrane - Valentin Zukovsky
    [Tag:insurance, ruin]
  • “- Paul Taylor: We've had a car accident, this guy needs to see a doctor.
    - Meg Penny: He has something on his hand, some kind of acid, or something.
    - Nurse: Does he have Blue Cross?
    - Meg Penny: I don't know.
    - Nurse: Medical insurance of any kind?
    - Paul Taylor: Look, we don't even know who the guy is!”

    Donovan Leitch Jr. - Paul Taylor
    Shawnee Smith - Meg Penny
    Maggie Smith - Nurse
    [Tag:accident, insurance, wound]
  • “Insurance companies. See, all the banks is insured now, and that's who takes the loss. And hell, they're the biggest crooks of 'em all. We are just little thieves stealing from the big thieves, that's all.”
    Matthew McConaughey - Willis Newton
    [Tag:bankers, insurance, thieves]
  • “You have a choice. I can kill you. Or you can kill me, and my daughter will get the insurance.”
    Michael Douglas - D-Fens
    [Tag:choice, insurance, killing]
  • “- Phyllis Dietrichson: I don't want to kill him. I never did. Not even when he gets drunk and slaps my face.
    - Walter Neff: Only sometimes you wish he was dead.
    - Phyllis Dietrichson: Perhaps I do.
    - Walter Neff: And you wish it was an accident and you had that policy for $50,000 dollars. Is that it?
    - Phyllis Dietrichson: Perhaps that too.”

    Barbara Stanwyck - Phyllis Dietrichson
    Fred MacMurray - Walter Neff
    [Tag:insurance, money, murder]
  • “- Insurance Salesman: It's not really what I'm selling. But what I have to offer.
    - Thane Furrows: What do you have to offer that happens to cost money?
    - Insurance Salesman: I offer security.
    - Thane Furrows: Insurance.”

    Fred Willard - Insurance Salesman
    Steve Oedekerk - Thane Furrows
    [Tag:insurance, safety, salesmanship]
  • “If the patient were part of an HMO then I could understand your dilemma. With those babies we get paid not to perform medical procedures. It's a little like when the government pays the farmers not to grow crops. But with insurance we get paid to perform medical procedures.”
    Albert Brooks - Dr. Butz
    [Tag:doctors, government, insurance]
  • “- Louie Kritski: Why don't you insure the lady? This way when she decides to join that big Piñata party in the sky, you can use the insurance money to pay your rent. Know what I mean? What is it with you Latins, don't you have any pride?
    - Marlon: I got pride. I'm proud I live in a building. I'm proud I don't live in a cardboard box. I have an...” (continue)
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    Joe Pesci - Louie Kritski
    Rubén Blades - Marlon
    [Tag:insurance, pride]
  • “- Walter Neff: Now you hate him.
    - Phyllis Dietrichson: Yes, Walter. He's so mean to me. Every time I buy a dress or a pair of shoes, he yells his head off. He never lets me go anywhere. He keeps me shut up. He's always been mean to me. Even his life insurance all goes to that daughter of his.”

    Fred MacMurray - Walter Neff
    Barbara Stanwyck - Phyllis Dietrichson
    [Tag:badness, hatred, insurance]
  • “- Prosecutor: Mrs. Parsons, you've heard the testimony be presented to this court, and your explanation is that somebody must have come aboard the Morning Star.
    - Libby: That's right.
    - Prosecutor: Well, let's consider all the possibilities. Maybe a band of pirates. Or aliens! Did aliens murder your husband? No. Aliens weren't beneficiaries in...” (continue)
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    Betsy Brantley - Prosecutor
    Ashley Judd - Libby
    [Tag:accusation, insurance, murder]
  • “- Dr. Werner Ernst: If you were comatose would you want to be kept alive for months by machines?
    - Dr. Butz: Hell, no! When I go, I don't want to be tortured in some bed. I have this planned out, Warner. I'm gonna be sitting on my back porch, I'm gonna have a Cuban cigar in one hand, and a big glass 'o scotch in the other, and a belly full of...” (continue)
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    James Spader - Dr. Werner Ernst
    Albert Brooks - Dr. Butz
    [Tag:death, insurance, medicine]
  • “- Kevin Flynn: Hey Ram, what were you, you know, before?
    - Ram: I was an actuarial program. Worked for a big insurance company. It really gives you a great feeling helping folks plan for their future needs. Of course, if you take the payments as an annuity over the years, the cost is really quite minimal.”

    Jeff Bridges - Kevin Flynn
    Dan Shor - Ram
    [Tag:helping, insurance, job]
  • “This is very serious! The Gestapo is only insured for third party!”

    Richard Gibson - Herr Otto Flick
    [Tag:cars, insurance]
  • - Walter Neff: You can't get away with it. You want to knock him off, don't you?
    - Phyllis Dietrichson: That's a horrible thing to say.
    - Walter Neff: What do you think I was, anyway? A guy that walks into a good-looking dame's front parlor and says: "Good afternoon. I sell accident insurance on husbands. Have you got one that's been around too... (continue)
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    Fred MacMurray - Walter Neff
    Barbara Stanwyck - Phyllis Dietrichson
    [Tag:husband, insurance, killing]
  • “- Astrophysicist: You might say that we're the next endangered species - human beings.
    - Dr. Peters: I think you're right ma'am. I think you've hit the nail on the head.
    - Astrophysicist: Jones is my name. I'm in insurance.”

    Carol Florence - Astrophysicist
    David Morse - Dr. Peters
    [Tag:danger, humanity, insurance]
  • “- Ivan Danko: I have car under control.
    - Art Ridzik: Yeah, I'm sure they taught you all about cars and the price of insurance at your famous Russian school in Kiev!
    - Ivan Danko: In socialist countries, insurance not necessary. State pays for everything.”

    Arnold Schwarzenegger - Ivan Danko
    Jim Belushi - Art Ridzik
    [Tag:cars, insurance, russians]
  • - Buford Pope: I know you're in what they call "financial straits". So why don't you let my boys here set fire to that dump of yours? That way, at least you'll collect on the fire insurance. All you have to do is hand over the map.
    - Vernon Hightower: I appreciate that, but that won't do me no good now. See, I let the insurance lapse about a... (continue)
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    Rip Torn - Buford Pope
    Jeff Bridges - Vernon Hightower
  • “Don't fall down, Tim. We may not be insured.”
    Sir Michael Caine - Lloyd Fellowes
    [Tag:accident, insurance]
  • “- Page Hiller: Your bike is in pieces and you tell me nothing happened? Did you at least find out if they have any insurance?
    - Morgan Hiller: Insurance? This isn't Connecticut; no one has insurance around here!”

    Claudette Nevins - Page Hiller
    James Spader - Morgan Hiller
    [Tag:accident, america, insurance]