“Airplane II: The Sequel” quotes

Movie Airplane II: The Sequel
Title Airplane II: The Sequel
Year 1982
Director Ken Finkleman
Genre Sci-Fi, Comedy, Romance
Plot – It is almost the year 2000 and a “shuttle” is ready to go to the Moon, carrying a group of lunar settlers for the first time. In reality, the spaceship isn’t ready yet, but the leaders of the society decide to continue the mission because of economic interests. Ted Striker, the shuttle’s test pilot, becomes worried, but he is immediately sent into a mental institution. He escapes, he reaches the spaceship and he saves the life of the people onboard, winning his ex-girlfriend’s love in the meantime.
All actors – Robert Hays, Julie Hagerty, Lloyd Bridges, Chad Everett, Peter Graves, Chuck Connors, William Shatner, Raymond Burr, John Vernon, Stephen Stucker, Kent McCord, James A. Watson Jr., John Dehner, Rip Torn, Sonny Bono, Al White, Craig Berenson, Laurene Landon, Wendy Phillips, Jack Jones, Art Fleming, Frank Ashmore, Richard Jaeckel, Lee Bryant, John Larch, John Hancock, Oliver Robins, Louis Giambalvo, Sam Anderson, Leon Askin, B.J. Barie, Hilary Beane, Sandahl Bergman, Burke Byrnes, Ed Call, Michael Currie, Patty Dworkin, Gary Faga, Mary Farrell, Madeleine Fisher, Bruce French, Richard Gilliland, Hugh Gillin, Elisa Goodman, Laurie Hagen, Maurice Hill, Steven Hirsch, Howard Honig, Dennis Howard, Marcy Lafferty, Stanley Lawrence, David Leisure, Floyd Levine, Steve Levitt, Gail Matthius, Pat McNamara, Mary Mercier, Marcus K. Mukai, Ann Nelson, Steve Nevil, James Noble, Kenneth O'Brien, Rick Overton, Lee Patterson, David Paymer, Pamela Guest, Barbie Reade, Mary-Robin Redd, June Sanders, Pat Sajak, Louise Sorel, Clint Smith, William Vaughan, Sandy Ward, Ricky Powell, Sean Peters, Hervé Villechaize, Allison Hanes, Ronald E. House, Jack Bernardi, Earl Boen, Terry Bolo, Patrick Culliton, Joyce DeWitt, Ken Finkleman, Monique Gabrielle, Martin Garner, Tom McGreevey, Kitten Natividad, Leslie Nielsen, John Paragon, William Porter, Stephen Powers, Alison Price, Lee Purcell, Hank Robinson, Jim Staahl, Mary Mon Toy, Lou B. Washington, Clifton Wells, George Wendt, Tom Willett
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  • “- McCroskey: Jacobs, I want to know absolutely everything that's happened up till now.
    - Jacobs: Well, let's see. First the earth cooled. And then the dinosaurs came, but they got too big and fat, so they all died and they turned into oil. And then the Arabs came and they bought Mercedes Benzes. And Prince Charles started wearing all of Lady...” (continue)
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    Lloyd Bridges - McCroskey
    Stephen Stucker - Jacobs
    [Tag:earth, history, past]
  • “- Striker: Ok Murdock, I think I got something that just might work.
    - Murdock: What?
    - Striker: A bobby pin.
    - Murdock: Bobby pin. What the hell's a man doing with a bobby pin?”

    Robert Hays - Striker
    William Shatner - Murdock
    [Tag:hair, tools]
  • “- Jimmy Wilson: Can I ask you a question?
    - Striker: What is it?
    - Jimmy Wilson: It's an interrogative statement, used to test knowledge. But that's not important now, mister.”

    Oliver Robins - Jimmy Wilson
    Robert Hays - Striker
  • “I can sum it all up in just one word: courage, dedication, daring, pride, pluck, spirit, grit, mettle, and G-U-T-S, guts. Why, Ted Striker's got more guts in his little finger than most of us have in our large intestine, including the colon!”
    Lloyd Bridges - McCroskey
    [Tag:courage, daring, pride]
  • “- Simon: My God! The sun.
    - Elaine: What is it, Simon?
    - Simon: A large, fiery ball at the center of our solar system, but that's not important now. We're heading right for it.”

    Chad Everett - Simon
    Julie Hagerty - Elaine
    [Tag:planets, space, sun]
  • - ROC: Voice interface.
    - Elaine: There's an overheat in the core. Please analyze problem.
    - ROC: There is no apparent overheat.
    - Elaine: Yes, there is, ROC. We read a core overheat. Repeat analysis.
    - ROC: Analysis confirmed. All systems compute positive.
    - Elaine: Well, not from where I'm sitting, they don't!
    - ROC: Look, Elaine. Cut the "not... (continue)
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    Ken Finkleman - ROC
    Julie Hagerty - Elaine
  • “- First Woman in Line: Where is the passenger processing lounge for the lunar shuttle?
    - Information Agent: Concourse lounge C, fourth level.
    - First Woman in Line: Thank you.
    - Information Agent: Next?
    - Next Woman in Line: How long is my parking permit good for?
    - Information Agent: Two hours.
    - Next Woman in Line: Thank you.
    - Information...” (continue)
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    Marcy Lafferty - First Woman in Line
    Ed Call - Information Agent
    Hilary Beane - Next Woman in Line
    Stanley Lawrence - Next Man
  • “When we're ready we would like to ask you to remove your eyeglasses and shoes and place your head between the knees… Between your own knees, Father!”
    Wendy Phillips - Mary
    [Tag:danger, flying, rules]
  • “- McCroskey: Jacobs, what have you got on Elaine Dickinson?
    - Jacobs: Well, I'm two inches taller, a better dancer, and much more fun to be with.”

    Lloyd Bridges - McCroskey
    Stephen Stucker - Jacobs
  • “- Clerk: Do you swear on the Constitution of the United States to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God?
    - Witness: Ain't no thing.”

    Rick Overton - Clerk
    Al White - Witness
    [Tag:court, swearing, truth]
  • “- Prosecuting Attorney: Dr. Stone, would you give the court your impression of Mr. Striker?
    - Dr. Stone: I'm sorry, I don't do impressions, my training is in psychiatry.”

    John Larch - Prosecuting Attorney
    John Vernon - Dr. Stone
  • “Irony can be pretty ironic sometimes.”
    William Shatner - Murdock