“The Morning After” quotes

Movie The Morning After
Sidney Lumet directed this movie in 1986
Title The Morning After
Year 1986
Director Sidney Lumet
Genre Crime, Romance, Thriller, Mystery
Plot – Alex Sternbergen has been married for 10 years with Joaquin Manero, a luxury hairstylist. She has failed her acting career and has become therefore a drunkard. Her marriage is failing as well and Alex often gives herself to strangers. A morning she wakes up next to a dead man and in panic the woman eliminates all the evidences and flees away. She meets Turner Kendall, a police officer, who drives her home. The man learns Manero wants to divorce to get married to Isabel, the daughter of a judge. Kendall learns Isabel's family was blackmailed by the dead man too.
All actors – Jane Fonda, Jeff Bridges, Raul Julia, Diane Salinger, Richard Foronjy, Geoffrey Scott, James 'Gypsy' Haake, Kathleen Wilhoite, Don Hood, Fran Bennett, Michael Flanagan, Bruce Vilanch, Michael Prince, Frances Bergen, José Angel Santana, Bob Minor, George Fisher, Rick Rossovich, Laurel Lyle, Kathy Bates, Anne Betancourt, Patti Song, Betty Lougaris, Drew Berman, Sam Scarber, Michael Zand, Gladys Portugues, Corinna Everson, Selga Sanders
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