“One Crazy Summer” quotes

Movie One Crazy Summer
Title One Crazy Summer
Year 1986
Director Savage Steve Holland
Genre Comedy, Romance
Plot – Hoops McCann is a designer who's trying to create a romance comic, but he's still too young to know love matters. During a vacation on Nantucket island in New England, Hoops meets Cassandra, a full of problems but beautiful girl.
All actors – John Cusack, Linda Warren, Joel Murray, Grenville Cuyler, Bobcat Goldthwait, Kristen Goelz, Tom Villard, Curtis Armstrong, Sky, Laura Waterbury, Jennifer Yahoodik, Rachel C. Telegen
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  • “You ever notice how people die in alphabetical order?”

    Joel Murray - George Calamari
    [Tag:death, newspapers]
  • “Why am I talking to you? You're not a man, you're a cat! Go back to your feline world!”
    John Cusack - Hoops McCann
  • “That girl, the one with the braids in her hair? What do they call them? Corn husks?”
    Matt Mulhern - Teddy Beckersted
  • “- Ack Ack Raymond: Do you realize that for every lost doll there's a little girl with a broken heart?
    - George Calamari: Are you sure you want to be a Marine Acky? I just can see you having a killer instinct.”

    Curtis Armstrong - Ack Ack Raymond
    Joel Murray - George Calamari
  • - Egg Stork: Let me tell you a little story. A story about a little fat kid who everybody made fun of, and nobody liked and he had a twin brother, and everybody said he never looked like his twin brother, but he wanted to...
    - Ack Ack Raymond: Egg, where you that little boy?
    - Egg Stork: No! No! But I used to beat the shit out him! "Why are you... (continue)
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    Bobcat Goldthwait - Egg Stork
    Curtis Armstrong - Ack Ack Raymond