“The Sure Thing” quotes

Movie The Sure Thing
Rob Reiner directed this movie in 1985
Title The Sure Thing
Year 1985
Director Rob Reiner
Genre Drama, Comedy, Romance
Plot – Walter 'Gib' Gibson and Alison Bradbury - two college freshman from different social backgrounds - meet at their English class in New England. Gib attempts to pick up the girl by asking her to help him in English, but he realizes that she has a boyfriend in California. For the Christmas holidays they find themselves in the same car with friends heading to California. Alison is going to join her boyfriend and Gib is meeting a friend, who has guaranteed him a 'sure thing' with a girl. Along the way amidst bickering, adventures and misadventures, the two discover they are in love. She leaves her boring boyfriend and he forgets about the too easy 'sure Thing' girl, following their sincere feeling.
All actors – John Cusack, Daphne Zuniga, Anthony Edwards, Boyd Gaines, Tim Robbins, Lisa Jane Persky, Viveca Lindfors, Nicollette Sheridan, Marcia Christie, Robert Anthony Marcucci, Sarah Buxton, Lorrie Lightle
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  • “I was in Paris once with my wife... boy am I glad she's dead.”
    Sunshine Parker - Cowboy Guy
    [Tag:death, paris, wife]
  • “I hope you appreciate the magnitude of your impending good fortune.”
    Larry Hankin - Trucker
  • “Life is the ultimate experience, and you have to live it to write about it.”
    Viveca Lindfors - Professor Taub
  • “- Alison Bradbury: And you should see the crap he eats! Cheese balls and beer for breakfast!
    - Jason: How do you know what he eats for breakfast?”

    Daphne Zuniga - Alison Bradbury
    Boyd Gaines - Jason
  • “What the hell's wrong with being stupid once in a while? Does everything you do always have to be sensible? Haven't you ever thrown waterballoons off a roof? When you were a little kid didn't you ever sprinkle Ivory flakes on the living room floor 'cause you wanted to make it snow in July? Didn't you ever get really shitfaced and maybe make a...” (continue)(continue reading)

    John Cusack - Walter "Gib" Gibson
  • From the time of the first NASA mission, it was clear that outer space has a clear effect on the human psyche. Why, during the first Gemini mission, thought was actually given to sending up a man and a woman... together. A cosmic "Adam and Eve", if you will. Bound together by fate, situated on the most powerful rocket yet known to man. It's... (continue)(continue reading)

    John Cusack - Walter "Gib" Gibson
    [Tag:sex, space]
  • - Walter "Gib" Gibson: Elliot? You're gonna name the kid Elliot? No, you can't name the kid Elliot. Elliot is a fat kid with glasses who eats paste. You're not gonna name the kid Elliot. You gotta give him a real name. Give him a name. Like Nick.
    - Alison Bradbury: Nick?
    - Walter "Gib" Gibson: Yeah, Nick. Nick's a real name. Nick's your buddy.... (continue)
    (continue reading)
    John Cusack - Walter "Gib" Gibson
    Daphne Zuniga - Alison Bradbury
    [Tag:children, choice, name]
  • - Alison Bradbury: What are you doing?
    - Walter "Gib" Gibson: I'm going to bed.
    - Alison Bradbury: Not with me you're not.
    - Walter "Gib" Gibson: I'm not going to bed with you, I'm going to bed in a bed you happen to be in also.

    Daphne Zuniga - Alison Bradbury
    John Cusack - Walter "Gib" Gibson
    [Tag:bed, sleeping]
  • - Walter "Gib" Gibson: You told her I was a virgin?
    - Lance: So I exaggerated a little. Girls like virgins. They find them a challenge.
    - Walter "Gib" Gibson: She thought I was gay!
    - Lance: It's a bigger challenge.

    John Cusack - Walter "Gib" Gibson
    Anthony Edwards - Lance
  • “I flunk English, I'm outta here. Kisscollegegoodbye. I don't know what I'll do. Dad will be pissed off. Mom will be heartbroken. If I play my cards right, I get maybe a six-month grace period and then I gotta get a job, and you know what that means. That's right, they start me at the drive-up window and I gradually work my way up from shakes...” (continue)(continue reading)

    John Cusack - Walter "Gib" Gibson
  • Junk food doesn't deserve the badrap that it gets. Take these pork rinds for example. This particular brand contains two percent of the R.D.A. that's "recommended daily allowance", of Riboflavin.
    John Cusack - Walter "Gib" Gibson
  • “I've never met anyone like you before. Usually when I meet someone new I feel awkward and shy. But with you it's different. I can talk to you. You know what I'm thinking without my having to explain to you in fancy terms. We speak each other's unspoken language... fluently. I love you.”

    John Cusack - Walter "Gib" Gibson
    [Tag:love, talking]
  • “Gib, you want a relationship? That's fine. Just remember that every relationship starts with a one night stand. You came 3,000 miles for a reason didn't you? Would you look at that reason. Go for it Gib, you've earned it.”
    Anthony Edwards - Lance
  • “How would you like to have a sexualencounter so intense it could conceivably change your political views?”

    John Cusack - Walter "Gib" Gibson
    [Tag:flirting, sex]
  • - Alison Bradbury: You'll never believe what I wanted to be when I was six.
    - Walter "Gib" Gibson: A classics professor?

    Daphne Zuniga - Alison Bradbury
    John Cusack - Walter "Gib" Gibson
    [Tag:childhood, desire, job]
  • - Alison Bradbury: You didn't sleep with her?
    - Walter "Gib" Gibson: Still seeing Jason?
    - Alison Bradbury: Broke up.
    - Walter "Gib" Gibson: That's too bad.
    - Alison Bradbury: You didn't sleep with her.
    - Walter "Gib" Gibson: Wasn't my type.

    Daphne Zuniga - Alison Bradbury
    John Cusack - Walter "Gib" Gibson
  • “- Lady in Car: What are you gonna name it?
    - Alison Bradbury: What?
    - Lady in Car: The baby.
    - Alison Bradbury: Oh, the baby. Well, if it's a girl, Cynthia, and if it's a boy, Elliot.
    - Lady in Car: Those are lovely names.”

    Fran Ryan - Lady in Car
    Daphne Zuniga - Alison Bradbury