“Police Academy: Mission to Moscow” quotes

Movie Police Academy: Mission to Moscow
Title Police Academy: Mission to Moscow
Year 1994
Director Alan Metter
Genre Comedy, Crime
Plot – Russian mafia boss Konstantine Konali has created a popular video game. Rakov, the Moscow police commander, thinks he's a threat for the country. He calls his dear friend Lassard to help in the capture. Harris spies Konali while Callahan seduces him and Connors infiltrates his gang. The American agents manage to arrest him indeed and in a final struggle Lassard himself delivers the boss to the Russian police.
All actors – George Gaynes, Michael Winslow, David Graf, Leslie Easterbrook, G.W. Bailey, Christopher Lee, Ron Perlman, Claire Forlani, Charlie Schlatter, Richard Israel, Gregg Berger, Vladimir Dolinskiy
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