“The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes” quotes

Movie The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes
Title The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes
Year 1970
Director Billy Wilder
Genre Comedy, Crime, Romance, Thriller, Adventure, Mystery
Plot – A young woman in shock arrives at Sherlock Holmes' house at night. She is the wife of a Belgian engineer who's gone missing under mysterious circumstances, and she wants Holmes to find him or find out if he's fine. Joined by Watson and the woman, the famous detective leaves for Scotland. After visiting many castles looking for some clues, he stops with his companions in a small inn near Loch Ness. Intrigued by the fact that Watson has seen a monster in the lake, Holmes investigates and discovers that the entity that Watson saw in the water was a prototype of a submarine, hidden in order to prevent the Germans to steal it.
All actors – Robert Stephens, Colin Blakely, Geneviève Page, Christopher Lee, Tamara Toumanova, Clive Revill, Irene Handl, Mollie Maureen, Stanley Holloway, Catherine Lacey, Peter Madden, Michael Balfour, James Copeland, John Garrie, Godfrey James, Robert Cawdron, Alex McCrindle, Frank Thornton, Paul Hansard, Philip Anthony, Graham Armitage, Charlie Young Atom, Kenneth Benda, George Benson, Anne Blake, Penny Brahms, Martin Carroll, Ina De La Haye, Michael Elwyn, Eric Francis, John Gatrell, Ismed Hassan, Marilyn Head, Sheena Hunter, Annette Kerr, Teddy Kiss Atom, Wendy Lingham, Anna Matisse, Kynaston Reeves, Daphne Riggs, Philip Ross, Miklós Rózsa, John Scott, Willie Shearer, Judy Spooner, Tina Spooner
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  • “- Sherlock Holmes: Madame must not be too hasty. She must remember that I am an Englishman.
    - Nikolai Rogozhin: So?
    - Sherlock Holmes: You know what they say about us: if there's one thing more deplorable than our cooking, it's our lovemaking. We are not the most romantic of people.
    - Nikolai Rogozhin: Perfect! We don't want sentimental idiots,...” (continue)
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    Robert Stephens - Sherlock Holmes
    Clive Revill - Rogozhin
  • “Criminals are as unpredictable as head colds. You never know when you're going to catch one.”
    Robert Stephens - Sherlock Holmes
  • “- Sherlock Holmes: You've painted me as a hopeless dope addict just because I occasionally take a five-percent solution of cocaine.
    - Dr. Watson: A seven-percent solution...
    - Sherlock Holmes: Five percent. Don't you think I'm aware you've been diluting it behind my back?
    - Dr. Watson: As a doctor, as well as your friend, I strongly disapprove...” (continue)
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    Robert Stephens - Sherlock Holmes
    Colin Blakely - Dr. Watson
  • “- Dr. Watson: You call yourself logical? You're the least logical man I know.
    - Sherlock Holmes: Am I?
    - Dr. Watson: How can you say it's a figment of my imagination when for years you've been saying I have no imagination whatsoever?”

    Colin Blakely - Dr. Watson
    Robert Stephens - Sherlock Holmes
  • “- Sherlock Holmes: Mrs. Hudson! Mrs. Hudson!
    - Mrs. Hudson: Yes? What is it? What have I done now?
    - Sherlock Holmes: There is something missing from my desk!
    - Mrs. Hudson: Missing?
    - Sherlock Holmes: Something very crucial!
    - Mrs. Hudson: What?
    - Sherlock Holmes: Dust! You have been tidying up against my explicit orders!
    - Mrs. Hudson: Oh look...” (continue)
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    Robert Stephens - Sherlock Holmes
    Irene Handl - Mrs. Hudson
  • “Some of us are cursed with memories like flypaper. Stuck there is a staggering amount of miscellaneous data, most of it useless.”
    Robert Stephens - Sherlock Holmes
  • “- Sherlock Holmes: Take my fiancée, for instance.
    - Ilse von Hoffmanstal, aka Gabrielle Valladon: Your... fiancée?
    - Sherlock Holmes: Mmmm, she was the daughter of my violin teacher. We were engaged to be married, the invitations were out, I was being fitted for a tailcoat, and 24 hours before the wedding, she died of influenza. It just proves...” (continue)
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    Robert Stephens - Sherlock Holmes
    Geneviève Page - Gabrielle Valladon
    [Tag:mistrust, women]
  • “- Dr. Watson: Where's your self-control?
    - Sherlock Holmes: Fair question.
    - Dr. Watson: Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
    - Sherlock Holmes: Thoroughly. This will take care of it.”

    Colin Blakely - Dr. Watson
    Robert Stephens - Sherlock Holmes
  • “- Dr. Watson: They say twelve men have died for her.
    - Sherlock Holmes: Really?
    - Dr. Watson: Six commited suicide, four were killed in duels and one fell out of the gallery of the Vienna Opera House.
    - Sherlock Holmes: That's only eleven.
    - Dr. Watson: The man who fell from the gallery landed on top of another man in the orchestra.
    - Sherlock...” (continue)
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    Colin Blakely - Dr. Watson
    Robert Stephens - Sherlock Holmes
    [Tag:death, men, women]
  • “We all have occasional failures. Fortunately Dr. Watson never writes about mine.”
    Robert Stephens - Sherlock Holmes
  • “- Dr. Watson: Holmes, let me ask you a question. I hope I'm not being presumptuous, but... there have been women in your life, haven't there?
    - Sherlock Holmes: The answer is yes...
    - Dr. Watson: [Watson breathes a sigh of relief]
    - Sherlock Holmes: ...You're being presumptuous. Good night.”

    Colin Blakely - Dr. Watson
    Robert Stephens - Sherlock Holmes