“The Stupids” quotes

Movie The Stupids
Title The Stupids
Year 1996
Director John Landis
Genre Comedy, Adventure
Plot – Lied down, Stanley and Joan Stupid are sleeping with the feet on the pillow. They're strangely dressed: he has a '30s straw on the head, while she wears like a clown. They get up happy and perform the usual rituals (washing, reading the newspaper, preparing breakfast) in the most extravagant way. Their two children Petunia and Buster are odd as well. Stanley's most upsetting moment is when he no longer finds the garbage can of the previous day. Determined to discover the thief, he lurks behind a bush to catch him. When the garbage truck arrives, two officers seize his valuable property and Stanley chases the vehicle to the dump. He sees there tons of waste: thousands of people have been robbed like him. Involved in misunderstandings, paradoxical and totally senseless events, he discovers by chance an incredible arms trafficking organized by some foolish soldiers. He is assisted again by his faithful Joan and his two ineffable children.
All actors – Tom Arnold, Jessica Lundy, Bug Hall, Alex McKenna, Mark Metcalf, Matt Keeslar, Scott Kraft, Victor Ertmanis, Earl Williams, George Chiang, Max Landis, Carol Ng
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  • “As husband to my grandmother I am my own grandpa!”
    Tom Arnold - Stanley Stupid
    [Tag:family, parents]
  • “- Buster Stupid: What if we formed our own army?
    - Petunia Stupid: Then we'd have to form our own country.
    - Joan Stupid: We could call it Stupidia.”

    Bug Hall - Buster Stupid
    Alex McKenna - Petunia Stupid
    Jessica Lundy - Joan Stupid
    [Tag:army, country]
  • “- Policeman: This postal ploy of yours is the most evil caper of our age, Mr. Sender. How will you ever top yourself?
    - Evil Sender: With a crime so unthinkable that no-one has ever dared to attempt to attempt it: to rob an entire nation of its garbage.
    - Policeman: The one resource no-one ever thinks to protect!”

    Scott Kraft - Policeman
    Sir Christopher Lee - Evil Sender
    [Tag:crime, theft]
  • “- Joan Stupid: Oh dear I left the garbage out over night.
    - Stanley Stupid: Oh no. Someone's stolen our garbage again.”

    Jessica Lundy - Joan Stupid
    Tom Arnold - Stanley Stupid
    [Tag:theft, thieves]
  • “- Gas Station Attendant: Sir, did you know there's a hole in your gas tank.
    - Stanley Stupid: That's how you get the gas in there.”

    Costa-Gavras - Gas Station Guy
    Tom Arnold - Stanley Stupid
  • “- Stanley Stupid: The car won't start.
    - Buster Stupid: Maybe the battery is dead.
    - Joan Stupid: It was perfectly healthy this morning.”

    Tom Arnold - Stanley Stupid
    Bug Hall - Buster Stupid
    Jessica Lundy - Joan Stupid
    [Tag:cars, problems]
  • “Who is this Sender and what is he doing with other people's mail?”

    Tom Arnold - Stanley Stupid
  • “- Stanley's Neighbor: Hey Stanley, I haven't seen you much this weekend. What have you been doing?
    - Stanley Stupid: Oh you know, had breakfast, read the paper, saved the world.”

    Robert Wise - Stanley's Neighbor
    Tom Arnold - Stanley Stupid
    [Tag:habit, weekend]
  • “Have you ever thought that you came from a strange or unusual family? Well, after you meet our guests, you might want to adjust your standards.”
    Rolonda Watts - Talk Show Hostess
    [Tag:family, parents]
  • “Note to self: must buy hand held tape recorder. Then I will no longer be speaking into the garage door opener.”
    Jessica Lundy - Joan Stupid
    [Tag:memory, talking]
  • “It's not our battle to fight, Johnson. We have enough trouble getting soy sauce into these tiny packets!”
    Arthur Eng - Chinese Waiter #2