“Prayer of the Rollerboys” quotes

Movie Prayer of the Rollerboys
Title Prayer of the Rollerboys
Year 1990
Director Rick King
Genre Drama, Sci-Fi, Action
Interpreted by
Plot – The economic crisis hits Los Angeles and many gangs unleash undisturbed throughout the city. Griffin tries to scrape out a living selling pizzas, but he must leave the job to help his brother, who's in trouble with a gang member.
All actors – Corey Haim, Patricia Arquette, Christopher Collet, Julius Harris, Devin Clark, Mark Pellegrino, Morgan Weisser, Jake Dengel, G. Smokey Campbell, John P. Connolly, J.C. Quinn, Trevor Eyster
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  • “- Speedbagger: I just hope there's something left of what I saw in you two boys.
    - Griffin: We love you very much.
    - Speedbagger: I don't want your love! I just want you to think about what you're doing! Please!”

    Julius Harris - Speedbagger
    Corey Haim - Griffin
  • “- Griffin: Don't touch him again. Get your hands off him.
    - Gary Lee: Back off! I like a man who stands by his friends...
    - Griffin: Why the Speedbagger?
    - Gary Lee: ...You just can't have friends like that.”

    Corey Haim - Griffin
    Christopher Collet - Gary Lee
  • “- Griffin: Don't hate me, okay?
    - Speedbagger: I don't hate nobody, son. Hate does more harm than good; it's the root of all evil. That, along with poverty...”

    Corey Haim - Griffin
    Julius Harris - Speedbagger
    [Tag:evil, hatred]
  • “Wolves make great pets, don't they? So long as that ain't your sheep they're eating...”
    Julius Harris - Speedbagger
  • “- Gary Lee: I am very strict on this. We have to remain pure. Let the others indulge their weaknesses.
    - Griffin: Why sell it, then?
    - Gary Lee: Because we have to, for now; it's just a phase. Besides, some people just aren't worth saving...”

    Christopher Collet - Gary Lee
    Corey Haim - Griffin