“Romper Stomper” quotes

Movie Romper Stomper
Title Romper Stomper
Year 1992
Director Geoffrey Wright
Genre Drama, Crime
Interpreted by
Plot – A group of skinheads in Melbourne feels threatened by the local Vietnamese community when some of them decide to open a restaurant in "their" area. In the name of racial purity, the skinheads vent their anger on them. However, when the Vietnamese get fed up and decide to react in an all-out confrontation, the skinheads get the worst of it. A young girl joins the skinheads and she falls in love with the head of the gang, Hando. She suffers from epilepsy and also her illness is questioned by the group.
All actors – Russell Crowe, Daniel Pollock, Jacqueline McKenzie, Alex Scott, Leigh Russell, Dan Wyllie, James McKenna, Eric Mueck, Frank Magree, Chris McLean, Josephine Keen, Samantha Bladon, Tony Lee, John Brumpton, Don Bridges, Janei Anderson, Stephen Hall, Tri Phan, Thuan Le, Minh Lu, Thach Le, Craig Mercer, Angus Cummings, Yvonne Lawrence, Edwina Exton, David Tredinnick, Steve Millichamp, William K. Halliwell, Vu Le, Vu Nguyen, Paul Nguyen, Thanh Trinh, Vy Nguyen, Ann Morell, Neil Foley, Nigel Baptist, Jenny Lin, Johnny Raaen, Anthea Roordink, Russell Frost, Keiko Clarke, Ria Yazaki, Neil Foster, Michael Ienna
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