“Savannah Smiles” quotes

Movie Savannah Smiles
Title Savannah Smiles
Year 1982
Director Pierre De Moro
Genre Comedy, Family
Plot – Two fugitives take refuge in an abandoned shack in the forest. The daughter of a wealthy industrialist has run away from home and is hiding there too. Her father thinks she has been kidnapped and offers a reward. The police investigates and patrols the entire area, but the criminals and the girl make friendship and they become accomplices too.
All actors – Mark Miller, Donovan Scott, Bridgette Andersen, Chris Robinson, Michael Parks, Peter Graves, Barbara Stanger, Pat Morita, Philip Abbott, Fran Ryan, Ray Anzalone, John Fiedler
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  • “- Savannah: Picnics are so much fun Alvie, you'll have the best time in your whole life.
    - Alvie: You want a bet?”

    Bridgette Andersen - Savannah
    Mark Miller - Alvie
  • “- Alvie: Where did you steal this car from?
    - Boots: The keys were in it and the engine was running, so I just stole it! Pretty good, huh?
    - Alvie: That is not how you steal this car, that is how someone else gets rid of it!”

    Mark Miller - Alvie
    Donovan Scott - Boots
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  • “- Boots: We got you a television if you're real good tomorrow, you can watch 'Wonder Woman'. What do you want for breakfast?
    - Savannah: Chocolate milk, cocoa puff, buttermilk, chocolate strawberries, peaches, wheaties, chocolate bananas, pancakes, sausage, toast, oatmeal - apple, and bacon.
    - Alvie: Tomorrow we're getting rid of this kid, lets...” (continue)
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    Donovan Scott - Boots
    Bridgette Andersen - Savannah
    Mark Miller - Alvie
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