“Seabiscuit” quotes

Movie Seabiscuit
Gary Ross directed this movie in 2003
Title Seabiscuit
Year 2003
Director Gary Ross
Genre Drama, History, Sport
Plot – During the 30s in America, the lives of three people are linked together. Charles Howard is a car tycoon, Tom Smith is a horse trainer, whose world was about to fall down, and Johnny “Red” Pollard is a young jockey, disappointed by life’s hardships. They team up to create the legend of Seabiscuit, a rebel and stubborn horse. In a complicated and difficult historical time, the horse’s unpredictable wins are a symbol of the rebirth of hope of an entire nation.
All actors – David McCullough, Jeff Bridges, Paul Vincent O'Connor, Chris Cooper, Michael Ensign, James Keane, Valerie Mahaffey, David Doty, Carl M. Craig, Michael O'Neill, Annie Corley, Michael Angarano, Cameron Bowen, Noah Luke, Mariah Bess, Jamie Lee Redmon, Ed Lauter, Gianni Russo, Sam Bottoms, Tobey Maguire, Royce D. Applegate, William Hollick, Joe Rocco Jr., Dyllan Christopher, Anthony Klingman, Elizabeth Banks, Michelle Arthur, Gary Stevens, Danny Strong, Hans Howes, Camillia Monet, Clif Alvey, Dan Daily, Borden Flanagan, Shay Duffin, Kevin Mangold, William H. Macy, Jay Cohen, Frank Mirahmadi, Michael Hunter, Peter Jason, John Walcutt, Tony Volu, James DuMont, Robin Bissell, Eddie Jones, Paige King, Andrew Schatzberg, Chris McCarron, Roger E. Fanter, Gary McGurk, Michael B. Silver, Richard Reeves, Matt Miller, Gary Ross, Pat Skipper, Ben Campisi, Ken Magee, Gary Hacker, Jose Hernandez, Jesse Hernandez, Julio Hernandez, José Ramírez, Fernando C. Moreno, Tony Rhune, Dennis Meade, Javier Juarequi, Aerial Delarosa, Eric Hernandez, Raul Cuellar, Catherine M. Baseza, Gina A. Duran, Cynthia Reifler Flores, Monica Fogelquist, Maria Luisa Fregosa, Ruby Guiterrez, Sylvia N. Hinojosa, Mariana Nanez, Leticia Olmos, Laura Pena, Karla Tovar, George Baker, Matthew Gillies, Jacqui Larsson, Daniel Martinez, J. Aaron Stanley, Michael White, Ivan Wild, , Loyd Catlett
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