“The Gunfighter” quotes

Movie The Gunfighter
Title The Gunfighter
Year 1950
Director Henry King
Genre Western
Plot – Junnie Ringo is famous bandit known throughout the West for his incredible shooting skills. Ringo has lived for years on the run but is getting weary of this life and would like to go someplace safe. Eager to see his wife and son again, he stops in a small cowboy town where he's recognized by a young man that forces Ringo to defend himself. The man gets killed and his three brothers swear to avenge him. Chased by the gang, Ringo reaches the village where his wife is hiding and tells her that he wants to change life and that he will spend one whole year proving that he's changed. When he's leaving, he gets shot by a madman.
All actors – Gregory Peck, Helen Westcott, Millard Mitchell, Jean Parker, Karl Malden, Skip Homeier, Anthony Ross, Verna Felton, Ellen Corby, Richard Jaeckel, , Victor Adamson, Murray Alper, C.E. Anderson, Carl Andre, Beulah Archuletta, Gregg Barton, Chet Brandenburg, Peter Brocco, Larry Buchanan, Harry Carter, Cliff Clark, Angela Clarke, David Clarke, Edmund Cobb, Heinie Conklin, Dick Curtis, Donald Duran, Eddie Ehrhart, John George, Herschel Graham, Herman Hack, Alan Hale Jr., Sherry Hall, Harry Harvey, Jim Hayward, Len Hendry, Ray Hyke, Jean Inness, Tommy Lee, Pierce Lyden, Terry MacRae, Ted Mapes, Mae Marsh, Forrest Matthews, John McKee, Harry Mendoza, James Millican, Ralph Moody, Alberto Morin, Edward Mundy, B.G. Norman, Herman Nowlin, Eddie Parks, Hank Patterson, John Pickard, 'Snub' Pollard, Edward Rickard, Warren Schannon, Harry Shannon, George Slocum, Marvin Smith, Kim Spalding, Ray Spiker, Houseley Stevenson, Ferris Taylor, Kenneth Tobey, Jack Tornek, Archie Twitchell, William Vedder, Dan White, Blackie Whiteford, Anne Whitfield, Duke York, Credda Zajac
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  • “What was I supposed to do, stand there and let that little boy shoot me full of holes?”
    Gregory Peck - Jimmy Ringo
  • “- Marshal Mark Strett: Somebody after you?
    - Jimmy Ringo: Three somebodies.
    - Marshal Mark Strett: The law?
    - Jimmy Ringo: Naw, this is personal.
    - Marshal Mark Strett: I don't want 'em to catch up with you here.
    - Jimmy Ringo: I don't want 'em to catch up with me anywhere.”

    Millard Mitchell - Marshal Mark Strett
    Gregory Peck - Jimmy Ringo
  • “- Peggy Walsh: When did you get this idea Jim?
    - Jimmy Ringo: Well I didn't get it, it just kinda' came over me. The way gettin' older comes over ya. All of a sudden you look at things different then the way ya did five years ago. All of a sudden I knew this was the only thing in the world I wanted.”

    Helen Westcott - Peggy Walsh
    Gregory Peck - Jimmy Ringo
  • “- Jimmy Ringo: Now turn around and head for the door. Keep movin' and don't do anything sudden with your hands.
    - Hunt Bromley: I'll be seein' ya, Mister Ringo...
    - Jimmy Ringo: All the way outside, sonny.”

    Gregory Peck - Jimmy Ringo
    Skip Homeier - Hunt Bromley
  • “- Hunt Bromley: Looks like everybody's drawing behind your back these days.
    - Deputy Charlie Norris: All the smart ones.”

    Skip Homeier - Hunt Bromley
    Anthony Ross - Deputy Charlie Norris