“The Treasure of the Sierra Madre” quotes

Movie The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
John Huston directed this movie in 1948
Title The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
Year 1948
Director John Huston
Genre Drama, Adventure, Western, Action
Plot – Fred Dobbs is a jobless vagabond. When he meets an old gold digger, he begins working hard. Together they quickly gather a considerable fortune, but Dobbs wants to keep everything only for himself, so he hits his partner and runs away. Some Mexican bandits attack and kill him, but ignore the value of the yellow powder and throw it away to keep his tools and mount.
All actors – Humphrey Bogart, Walter Huston, Tim Holt, Bruce Bennett, Barton MacLane, Alfonso Bedoya, Arturo Soto Rangel, Manuel Dondé, José Torvay, Margarito Luna, Robert Blake, Guillermo Calles, Roberto Cañedo, Spencer Chan, Jacqueline Dalya, Ralph Dunn, Ernesto Escoto, Pat Flaherty, Martin Garralaga, Jack Holt, John Huston, Francisco Islas, Mario Mancilla, Julian Rivero, Ann Sheridan, Jay Silverheels, Valdespino, Ildefonso Vega, Harry J. Vejar, Ignacio Villabajo, Clifton Young
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