“My Little Chickadee” quotes

Movie My Little Chickadee
Title My Little Chickadee
Year 1940
Director Edward F. Cline
Genre Comedy, Western
Interpreted by
Plot – Flower Belle Lee is expelled from Little Bend village because she's considered by other citizens a shameful girl and nNow she has to rebuild her respectability. She meets Cuthbert J. Twillie on a train. He's a stranger who ignores her past, so she asks him to marry her in Greasewood City and the man agrees. In the town he's appointed sheriff by Jeff Badger, the most important businessman around, meanwhile Belle takes care of all the boys of the village, but surprises await them.
All actors – Mae West, W.C. Fields, Joseph Calleia, Dick Foran, Ruth Donnelly, Margaret Hamilton, Donald Meek, Fuzzy Knight, Willard Robertson, George Moran, Jackie Searl, Fay Adler
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