“The Hidden” quotes

Movie The Hidden
Title The Hidden
Year 1987
Director Jack Sholder
Genre Sci-Fi, Crime, Horror, Thriller, Action
Plot – A series of mysterious deaths occurs in the city: respectable people suddenly become criminal and then disappear without a trace. It all began with a crazy driver, hospitalized after an accident for serious burns and who later dies, while his roommate, who was actually dying, walks away. The man leaves visible signs of his passage: he kills the clerk of a music store; he drives around in a Ferrari after killing its owner and the car dealer; he kidnaps a stripper and then he is also found dead. Police officer Tom Beck is given a hand by very young, serious and reserved F.B.I agent Lloyd Gallagher, who is looking for the man who killed his wife and daughter. At first reluctant, Beck gradually becomes friends with Gallagher. In fact, Beck also does not know “who” to look for, but knows exactly “what” he must chase.
All actors – Kyle MacLachlan, Michael Nouri, Claudia Christian, Clarence Felder, Clu Gulager, Ed O'Ross, William Boyett, Richard Brooks, Larry Cedar, Katherine Cannon, John McCann, Chris Mulkey
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