“RoboCop 2” quotes

Movie RoboCop 2
Title RoboCop 2
Year 1990
Director Irvin Kershner
Genre Sci-Fi, Crime, Thriller, Action
Plot – In Detroit 'Nuke' is a very popular drug created to subjugate the population to the will of a powerful gangster. Robocop, the robot policeman with agent Murphy's brain, eliminates all criminals who hinder his path, but some crime bosses build another mechanical monster. In the showdown between the two androids, Robocop wins but the Old Man, the supreme head of criminals, survives.
All actors – Belinda Bauer, John Glover, Mario Machado, Leeza Gibbons, John Ingle, Tom Noonan, Roger Aaron Brown, Gabriel Damon, Mark Rolston, Lila Finn, John Hateley, Gage Tarrant
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