“The Substitute” quotes

Movie The Substitute
Title The Substitute
Year 1996
Director Robert Mandel
Genre Drama, Crime, Thriller, Action
Plot – Columbus High School, in Florida, is attended by rowdy students who often undergo cruel punishments. While Juan Lacas is pleased by the situation, Jane Hetzko opposes. One day while jogging, she's injured and then hospitalized, so her partner Shale, who's a mercenary, goes to school pretending he's Jane's substitute, facing then the turbulent students in an unordinary way. Shale sets up a closed-circuit camera system inside and outside the school, then he intimidates the guys, but he gets fired. Shale asks the usual fifteen days notice and manages to capture the guys' attention. When Shale discovers the principal is involved in a massive drug trafficking, Shale takes action.
All actors – Tom Berenger, Raymond Cruz, William Forsythe, Luis Guzmán, Richard Brooks, Ana Azcuy, Diane Venora, Glenn Plummer, Sharron Corley, Vincent Laresca, Maurice Compte, Marc Anthony, Ernie Hudson, Beau Weaver, Cliff De Young, Willis Sparks, Noelle Beck, Jim Warne, Jody Wilson, Ian Marioles, María Celedonio, David Spates, David Hayes, Peggy Pope, Nidia Alvarez, Melissa Martinez, Claudia Silva, Enrique Cruz, David Díaz, Lázaro Gómez, Travis Patterson, Simon Ricky, Mercedes Enriquez, Artie Malesci, Rodney A. Grant, Steve DuMouchel, Gustavo Laborie, Juan F. Cejas, Dwight Lauderdale, Margo Peace, Willmer Padilla, Marta Velasco, Mike Benitez, Orlando Delbert, Bryan Friday, Anthony Petzold, Claudio Sad, Frank Silva
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