“The Jazz Singer” quotes

Movie The Jazz Singer
Richard Fleischer directed this movie in 1980
Title The Jazz Singer
Year 1980
Director Richard Fleischer
Genre Drama, Romance, Music
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Plot – Yussel sings in a New York's synagogue by day and in Harlem clubs by night. His father doesn't approve his life, but he reconciles with his son when he sings in the synagogue to celebrate the Yom Kippur. This is a remake of 1927 "The Jazz Singer".
All actors – Neil Diamond, Laurence Olivier, Lucie Arnaz, Catlin Adams, Franklyn Ajaye, Paul Nicholas, Sully Boyar, Mike Kellin, James Booth, Luther Waters, Oren Waters, Rod Gist
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  • “- Jess Robin: Leo, why don't you go ask Tillie to dance?
    - Leo: I'm resting.
    - Jess Robin: Just go ask her to dance, please.
    - Leo: There's no music.
    - Jess Robin: Leo, please! Go ask Tillie to dance!
    - Leo: I'll dance.”

    Neil Diamond - Jess Robin
    Mike Kellin - Leo
  • “- Jess Robin: You overlook the beach?
    - Molly Bell: Sometimes, the rent.”

    Neil Diamond - Jess Robin
    Lucie Arnaz - Molly Bell
  • “- Molly Bell: Honey what happened? What was that all about?
    - Jess Robin: When a Jew mourns somebody dead, they tear a piece of their clothing.
    - Molly Bell: Who's dead?
    - Jess Robin: I am.”

    Lucie Arnaz - Molly Bell
    Neil Diamond - Jess Robin
  • “- Jess Robin: Hello?
    - Bubba: So how's my favorite white man?
    - Jess Robin: Bubba! How's L.A.? You still working on your tan?
    - Bubba: Every day, Jess, every day.”

    Neil Diamond - Jess Robin
  • “- Molly Bell: I'm with Keith Lennox productions. Molly. Molly Bell. That's what they call me. My real name is a lot longer.
    - Jess Robin: So's mine.
    - Molly Bell: Belengocavela?
    - Jess Robin: Rabinovitch?
    - Molly Bell: Oh. That's not bad.”

    Lucie Arnaz - Molly Bell
    Neil Diamond - Jess Robin
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