“Electric Dreams” quotes

Movie Electric Dreams
Title Electric Dreams
Year 1984
Director Steve Barron
Genre Drama, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Romance, Music
Plot – Miles is a young architect and has to do a big work on his computer, but it doesn't work properly: in fact, the machine wakes up and begins to talk like a human being, revealing itself as a good and very romantic musician.
All actors – Lenny von Dohlen, Virginia Madsen, Maxwell Caulfield, Bud Cort, Don Fellows, Alan Polonsky, Wendy Miller, Harry Rabinowitz, Miriam Margolyes, Holly De Jong, Stella Maris, Mary Doran
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  • - Miles Harding: I can't play that for her. "I want to squeeze you, lick you, pucker up and kiss you"? You make her sound like a lemon!
    - Edgar: But Miles, they rhyme!

    Lenny von Dohlen - Miles Harding
    Bud Cort - Edgar
    [Tag:music, songs]
  • "Welcome to the world of Pinecone Computers. This model will learn with you, so type your name and press Enter key to begin".

    Lenny von Dohlen - Miles Harding
  • “- Edgar: You're very handsome.
    - Edgar: I know.”

    Bud Cort - Edgar
    Bud Cort - Edgar
  • “- Miles Harding: Play it, Sam.
    - Edgar: What key?
    - Miles Harding: Your favorite.
    - Edgar: You want verses first, or the choruses?
    - Miles Harding: Any way you like.”

    Lenny von Dohlen - Miles Harding
    Bud Cort - Edgar
    [Tag:music, playing]
  • “- Talk ShowHost: All right, this is Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Sexually Speaking. Hello, you are on the air.
    - Edgar: Hi. It's me again.
    - Talk ShowHost: Oh, hello Me! I was wondering if you would call. What's on your mind?
    - Edgar: Well, Doctor, it's really the same question: I want to know what love is.”

    Ruth Westheimer - Talk Show Host
    Bud Cort - Edgar
    [Tag:love, radio]
  • “- Miles Harding: Sweet dreams.
    - Edgar: What's a dream?
    - Miles Harding: A dream is a wish your heart makes when you're fast asleep.”

    Lenny von Dohlen - Miles Harding
    Bud Cort - Edgar
  • “- Talk ShowHost: When you are sitting in front of a crackling fireplace...
    - Edgar: Crackling fireplace.
    - Talk ShowHost: And you take that lady into your arms...
    - Edgar: But I don't have any arms.”

    Ruth Westheimer - Talk Show Host
    Bud Cort - Edgar
  • “I thought you might like to meet a friend. Or at least my boss's computer.”

    Lenny von Dohlen - Miles Harding
    [Tag:computer, meeting]