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  • “I did live in California. I called it the Hollywood syndrome, make it, lose it, forget it -- I'm back home!”
    Joe Spinell
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  • “- Ralph: Hey, sun came out again.
    - P.L. Travers: You say it as if you're surprised, as if the sun were particular about for whom it appears. It seems you think I am responsible for its miraculous dawning every day. For heaven's sake, it's California.”

    Paul Giamatti - Ralph
    Emma Thompson - P.L. Travers
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  • Listen, you Malibu middle class Barbie piece of shit, I'm tryin' to work here.”

    Bill Moseley - Otis
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  • “- Mama Lil: You got a man?
    - Novalee Nation: No.
    - Mama Lil: This isn't one of them artificial spermanation things, is it?
    - Novalee Nation: No.
    - Mama Lil: Then where is the prick who put you in this mess?
    - Novalee Nation: California.
    - Mama Lil: That figures. All the pricks move to California. They oughta call it Prickafornia.”

    Sally Field - Mama Lil
    Natalie Portman - Novalee Nation
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  • “In California, I guess you belong to the state; you don't even belong to your parents. It's an old Spanish law.”
    Bo Derek
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  • “- Rusty James: What do you think California's like? Like all that shit in the movies. Blondes walkin' around, The Beach Boys, palm trees, the ocean. How was the ocean?
    - The Motorcycle Boy: I didn't get to the ocean.
    - Rusty James: No?
    - The Motorcycle Boy: California got in the way.
    - Rusty James: California got in the way? I thought California...” (continue)
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    Matt Dillon - Rusty James
    Mickey Rourke - The Motorcycle Boy
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  • “What the hell did I know about California? For some people it was still a place of hopes and dreams, a chance to start over. The idea was: if you could get there everything would be okay, and if it wasn't okay there, well, it probably wasn't going to be okay anywhere.”
    David Duchovny - Brian Kessler
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  • “You know what the difference between the state of California and Titanic? And this is being webcast, and I know I'm going to regret this - at least when the Titanic went down, the lights were on.”
    Jeff Skilling - Himself
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  • “I spend a lot of time in California, but New York is still my main home.”
    Željko Ivanek
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  • “- Sister Superior: I've seen bullet wounds. I've been a missionary.
    - Faith: Where?
    - Sister Superior: East L. A.”

    Janet Suzman - Sister Superior
    Camille Coduri - Faith
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  • “You want to know how California got it's name? It's not named after some explorer, or king. Nope. Someone made the name up - a writer. He just pulled it out of his imagination in the 16th century, in Spain. He made up this place where there was unlimited gold, and pearls, and beautiful fierce women who wore gold armor, and rode wild beasts. And...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Evan Rachel Wood - Miranda
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  • “California's like a beautiful, wild... beautiful, wild girl on heroin... who's high as a kite, thinkin' she's on top of the world, not knowing she's dying even if you show her the marks.”
    Mickey Rourke - The Motorcycle Boy
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  • “- Roy O'Bannon: There's this new thing they're starting out in California: moving pictures. There's no sound, so we won't have to worry about the language problem, and I think the kung fu stuff could be huge! People are dying for a good action flick.
    - Chon Wang: Chon Wang, movie star? It could work.”

    Owen Wilson - Roy O'Bannon
    Jackie Chan - Chon Wang
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  • “- Staunton's Secretary: I was in California once. How do you get any work done with all that sunshine?
    - Katherine Ann Watson: We tan in class.”

    Julia Roberts - Katherine Ann Watson
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  • “- Trudi: I'll have a decaf espresso.
    - Morris Frost: I'll have a double decaf cappuccino.
    - Ted: Give me decaffeinated coffee ice cream.
    - Harris K. Telemacher: I'll have a half double decaffeinated half-caf, with a twist of lemon.”

    Marilu Henner - Trudi
    Sam McMurray - Morris Frost
    Tommy Hinkley - Ted
    Steve Martin - Harris K. Telemacher
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  • “You see, Sammy, in California everybody needs a car. I got a friend who bought a Mercedes just to get to the bathroom.”

    Leland Palmer - Audrey Paris
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  • “I sent two healthy 65-year old parents to South Florida. 30 years later - dead! I mean what is it, the water, the air - it's a death camp!”
    Robert Klein - Himself
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  • “- Tyrone C. Love: California, here we come.
    - Harry Goldfarb: It's Florida, Ty. Florida.
    - Tyrone C. Love: California, Florida, whatever. Either way, your pale ass is getting a tan.”

    Marlon Wayans - Tyrone C. Love
    Jared Leto - Harry Goldfarb
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  • “They say that twenty seconds in the California sunshine is too much these days, ever since we lost the ozone layer, but that was before Sunblock 5000. Just apply a pint to your body and you're good for hours. See you by the pool.”
    Fabiana Udenio - Sunblock Woman
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  • “- Lily Yuriko Kawamura: Japanese aren't allowed to marry non-Japanese in the state of California.
    - Older Mini McGann: Why?
    - Lily Yuriko Kawamura: Because it was against the California laws.
    - Older Mini McGann: So where did you go?
    - Lily Yuriko Kawamura: Seattle.
    - Older Mini McGann: Why did you go to Seattle?
    - Lily Yuriko Kawamura: 'Cause...” (continue)
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    Tamlyn Tomita - Lily Yuriko Kawamura
    Caroline Junko King - Older Mini McGann
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  • There's an old saying: "Nobody comes from Los Angeles. Everybody comes to Los Angeles”. But if you do come from Los Angeles, then chances are you come from Pasadena.
    Richard Jenkins - Earl Huttinger
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  • “I have grown so much since then. I can't hardly believe it's me. I am a beach person and a night person. I'm really sorry for everybody who doesn't live in California, because we got it all, the mountains, the sun. And, like, there's no humidity, it really blows me away.”
    Monique Gabrielle - Taryn Steele
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  • “- Vada Sultenfuss: California. I'm going to Hollywood to live with the Brady Bunch.
    - Thomas J. Sennet: I wanna live with them too.
    - Vada Sultenfuss: No, you can't. They have enough kids. You'll have to live with the Partridge Family.
    - Thomas J. Sennet: Really?!”

    Anna Chlumsky - Vada Sultenfuss
    Macaulay Culkin - Thomas J. Sennett
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  • “- María: I always dreamed of going to California.
    - Richard Boyle: It's a wacko joint. Not like El Salvador.”

    Elpidia Carrillo - María
    James Woods - Richard Boyle
  • “- Corey Woods: Two tickets to California.
    - Bus Clerk: Do you have someplace specific in mind or do you just want to be dumped off at the border?
    - Corey Woods: Is Los Angeles specific enough?”

    Fred Savage - Corey Woods
    Roy Conrad - Bus Clerk
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