“The Magnificent Ambersons” quotes

Movie The Magnificent Ambersons
Orson Welles, Robert Wise directed this movie in 1942
Title The Magnificent Ambersons
Year 1942
Directors Orson Welles, Fred Fleck, Robert Wise
Genre Drama, Romance
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Plot – Between late '800 and early '900, life changes, improved by industrialization. The Ambersons are a rich family of the south of USA who can't manage to change its habits.
All actors – Joseph Cotten, Dolores Costello, Anne Baxter, Tim Holt, Agnes Moorehead, Ray Collins, Erskine Sanford, Richard Bennett, Orson Welles, Edwin August, Georgia Backus, Harry A. Bailey, Olive Ball, Jack Baxley, William Blees, Lyle Clement, Bobby Cooper, Don Dillaway, Heenan Elliott, John Elliott, William Elmer, James Fawcett, Mel Ford, Nancy Gates, Nina Guilbert, Maynard Holmes, Edward Howard, Harry Humphrey, Elmer Jerome, J. Louis Johnson, Lew Kelly, Del Lawrence, Bert LeBaron, John Maguire, Philip Morris, Anne O'Neal, Gil Perkins, Charles R. Phipps, Hilda Plowright, Drew Roddy, Henry Roquemore, Jack Santoro, Gus Schilling, Kathryn Sheldon, Sada Simmons, Dorothy Vaughan, James Westerfield, Joe Whitehead
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  • “Automobiles are a useless nuisance. Never amount to anything but a nuisance and they had no business to be invented.”
    Tim Holt - George Minafer
  • “When times are gone, they are not old, they're dead. There aren't any times but new times.”
    Joseph Cotten - Eugene Morgan
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  • “George Amberson Minafer had got his comeuppance. He'd got it three times filled and running over. But those who had longed for it were not there to see it. And they never knew it, those who were still living had forgotten all about it, and all about him.”
    Orson Welles - Narrator
  • “I'm not sure George is wrong about automobiles. With all their speed forward they may be a step backward in civilization. May be that they won't add to the beauty of the world or the life of the men's souls, I'm not sure. But automobiles have come and almost all outwards things will be different because of what they bring.”
    Joseph Cotten - Eugene Morgan
  • “They're going to alter war and they're going to alter peace. And I think men's minds are going to be changed in subtle ways because of automobiles.”

    Joseph Cotten - Eugene Morgan
  • “It's wonderful the damage one of these little machines can do. You'd never believe it.”

    Philip Morris - Policeman
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  • “Life and money both behave like loose quicksilver in a nest of cracks. When they're gone, you can't tell where, or what the devil you did with them.”

    Ray Collins - Jack Amberson