“The Program” quotes

Movie The Program
Title The Program
Year 1993
Director David S. Ward
Genre Drama, Sport, Action
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Plot – A college football team plays in the final match for the first time. The white quarterback must detoxify from alcohol, a black player dreams to achieve the decisive goal, the rich black girl loves him even if he's a wimpy student, the white defender cries about a steroids abuse, the black defender breaks his leg and won't play the match.
All actors – James Caan, Halle Berry, Omar Epps, Craig Sheffer, Kristy Swanson, Abraham Benrubi, Duane Davis, Jon Pennell, Joey Lauren Adams, J.C. Quinn, Andrew Bryniarski, Leon Pridgen, Michael Flippo, Jeff Portell, Ernest Dixon, George Rogers, Bernard Mixon, Mary Holloway, Steven Griffith, George Nannarello, Jason Byce, Mindy Bell, Jim Fyfe, Jason Jenks, Bob Neal, Albert Haynes, Andre Farr, Jed Oldenburg, Lynn Swann, Bo Schembechler, Robert Fuller, Al Wiggins, Lynelle Lawrence, Julia Miller, Patrick Robert Smith, Dan Hannafin, Charles Portney, John Bennes, Charles Lawlor, Deanna Perry, Tim Parati, Robert D. Raiford, George Lee, Chris Berman, Leslie Broucker, Roger Bright, J. Don Ferguson, Rhoda Griffis, Steve Zabriskie, John R. Murphy, Robert Hook, Tracy Fowler, James Furey, T.J. Healy II, Scott Holroyd, Jody Millard, Elizabeth Slagsvol, Al Whiting
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  • “- Regent Chairman: This is not a football vocational school. It's an institute for higher learning.
    - Sam Winters: Yeah, but when was the last time 80,000 people showed up to watch a kid do a damn chemistry experiment?”

    Dan Hannafin - Regent Chairman
    James Caan - Sam Winters
  • “Let's put the women and children to bed and go lookin' for fuckin’ dinner!”
    Craig Sheffer - Joe Kane
  • “Let's open up a can of kick ass and kill them all, let the paramedics sort them out.”
    Duane Davis - Alvin Mack
  • “It’s the battle, the going to war with the other guys, hanging together, having our own dorm, staying in hotels the night before the games, setting ourselves apart, being different than everybody else, having a chance to be somebody, to do something that people look up to you for, your strength, your courage, not everybody can play football,...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Andrew Bryniarski - Steve Lattimer
  • Starting defense! Place at the table!”
    Andrew Bryniarski - Steve Lattimer
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