Guns quotes

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  • “Stay in your lane. You get in my way, I will put a bullet in your knee. The one that works.”
    Lashana Lynch - Nomi
    [Tag:guns, killing]
  • “Marcus Hamilton-Oh, who knows. Maybe one of these bank robbers is gonna want a gunfight and I can dodge my retirement in a blaze of glory.
    Alberto Parker-Well, I've seen you shoot. There won't be much glory in it.”

    Jeff Bridges - Marcus Hamilton
    Gil Birmingham - Alberto Parker
    [Tag:criminals, guns, robbery]
  • “Paco-So that kid was throwing water balloons at cars that were driving by. Then an army jeep drove by, the kid throws a balloon at it, the soldier gets mad, he gets out and shoots him.
    Cleo-Oh God! Is he OK?
    Paco-He shot him in the head. He's dead.
    Cleo-How awful!”

    Yalitza Aparicio - Cleo
    Carlos Peralta - Paco
    [Tag:army, guns, killing]
  • “Ava-Well, I don’t know when you did it, but I know you did something, Peter.
    Peter-What are you talking about?
    Ava-Why would someone not want you to be alive anymore?”

    Jessica Chastain - Ava
    [Tag:guns, killing, murder]
  • Across the USA, masks, which unlike guns, cannot be cheaply and easily manufactured, run low while critics describe the lack of ventilators as “breathtaking.”
    Laurence Fishburne - Narrator
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