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  • Detective Marcus Burnett: Mike we got more time behind us than in front.
    Detective Mike Lowrey: Please. I’m going to be running down criminal till I’m a hundred.”

    Martin Lawrence - Marcus
    Will Smith - Mike
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  • “- May Emmerich: Oh, Lon, when I think of all those awful people you come in contact with - downright criminals - I get scared.
    - Alonzo D. Emmerich: Oh, there's nothing so different about them. After all, crime is only... a left-handed form of human endeavor.”

    Dorothy Tree - May Emmerich
    Louis Calhern - Alonzo D. Emmerich
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  • “- Aya: Every other parent was there.
    - Trevor 'Viking' Calcote: You're right, I forgot about the bullying seminar. But I'm allowed to forget, you know why? Because I wrote a check for a new computer center. You write a check, you get to skip on 150 bullying seminars. That's the math. That's one of the perks of my business.
    - Aya: You're not a...” (continue)
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    Julia Jones - Aya
    Tom Bateman - Trevor 'Viking' Calcote
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  • “- Veronica: I'm not involved in Harry's business. I work for the teacher's union.
    - Jamal Manning: I understand. Criminals are like cops. They don't bring their shit home.”

    Viola Davis - Veronica
    Brian Tyree Henry - Jamal Manning
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