“American Ninja” quotes

Movie American Ninja
Title American Ninja
Year 1985
Director Sam Firstenberg
Genre Romance, Adventure, Action
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Plot – Joe has learned Ninja techniques in the Philippines when he was a child. Now, as an American soldier, he comes back to the Asian archipelago and he discovers a plot between the local mafia and a US Army officer. To save his beloved Rose, he has to deal with his old martial arts master.
All actors – Michael Dudikoff, Steve James, Judie Aronson, Guich Koock, John Fujioka, Don Stewart, John LaMotta, Tadashi Yamashita, Phillip Brock, Tony Carreon, Roi Vinzon, Manolet Escudero
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  • “- Cpl. Curtis Jackson: Listen to what I'm saying. With your skills, we could make some easy money.
    - Pvt. Joe T. Armstrong: Jackson, I don't want to fight, I hate crowds, and I don't needmoney.”

    Steve James - Cpl. Curtis Jackson
    Michael Dudikoff - Pvt. Joe T. Armstrong
  • “This is Shinyuki. I found him in the jungle when I bought the estate, dressed in the uniform of a Japanese soldier, unaware for many years that the war was over. He never says a word.”
    Don Stewart - Victor Ortega
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  • “- Shinyuki: You are ready, my son. I will be with you indeed and in my heart. Follow the Bushido.
    - Pvt. Joe T. Armstrong: I will honor the code, father.”

    John Fujioka - Shinyuki
    Michael Dudikoff - Pvt. Joe T. Armstrong
  • “- Shinyuki: The Black Star Ninja has betrayed the code.
    - Pvt. Joe T. Armstrong: Then... he must die.”

    John Fujioka - Shinyuki
    Michael Dudikoff - Pvt. Joe T. Armstrong
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  • “- Cpl. Curtis Jackson: Have you ever heard of Ninjutsu, sir?
    - Col. William T. Hickock: What's that?
    - Cpl. Curtis Jackson: The secret art of assassination.
    - Col. William T. Hickock: Yeah of course I have!
    - Cpl. Curtis Jackson: Well according to witnesses testimony and evidence, this massacre was the work of ninjas.”

    Steve James - Cpl. Curtis Jackson
    Guich Koock - Col. William T. Hickock
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