“Bad Teacher” quotes

Movie Bad Teacher
Title Bad Teacher
Year 2011
Director Jake Kasdan
Genre Comedy
All actors – Cameron Diaz, Lucy Punch, Jason Segel, Justin Timberlake, Phyllis Smith, John Michael Higgins, Dave Allen, Jillian Armenante, Matthew J. Evans, Kaitlyn Dever, Kathryn Newton, Igal Ben Yair, Aja Bair, Andra Nechita, Noah Munck, Finneas O'Connell, Daniel Castro, Adrian Kali Turner, Eric Stonestreet, Thomas Lennon, Paul Bates, Jeff Judah, Nat Faxon, Stephanie Faracy, David Paymer, Alanna Ubach, Christine Smith, Paul Feig, Deirdre Lovejoy, Melvin Mar, Rose Abdoo, Jerry Lambert, Jennifer Irwin, Christopher Rockwell, David Doty, Molly Shannon, Rick Overton, Danny Trap, Matt Besser, Lee Eisenberg, Bruno Gunn, Jordan Van Vranken, , Richard Bernard, Kadee Noel Brown, B.J. Bugert, Daniel Cohen, Austin Michael Coleman, Noah Dahl, Youlanda Davis, Christina Gabrielle, Andy Scott Harris, Jennifer Holloway, Dot-Marie Jones, Laurie Landry, Christopher Mason, Lindsay McGrail, Daniel Messier, Keith Middlebrook, Scott Moran, William Nero Jr., Sydney Sanchez, Ryan Seacrest, Bridget Shergalis, Clara Soyoung, Victoria Strauss, Joanna Theobalds, Preston Thompson, J. Elvis Weinstein
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  • “- Lynn Davies: I love how his eyes sparkle.
    - Elizabeth Halsey: I want to sit on his face.”

    Phyllis Smith - Lynn Davies
    Cameron Diaz - Elizabeth Halsey
    [Tag:beauty, envy]
  • “- Shawn: LeBron is a better rebounder and passer.
    - Russell Gettis: LeBron will never beat Jordan. Call me when LeBron has six championships.
    - Shawn: That's your only argument?
    - Russell Gettis: It's the only argument I need, Shawn!”

    Adrian Kali Turner - Shawn
    Jason Segel - Russell Gettis
  • “If the younger generation doesn't get into opera, then, guess what? No more opera! An art form has died. If opera goes away, we're fucked!”
    Nat Faxon - Mark
    [Tag:art, generation]
  • - Elizabeth Halsey: Black citizens, who allege that your test are biased toward white people and orientals.
    - Carl Halabi: Okay. Lemme tell you something right away. "A"... Orientals test better. "B"... every couple of years we get these cockamamie charges coming in from various parts of the state and - lemme duh-dat - You should hear the things... (continue)
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    Cameron Diaz - Elizabeth Halsey
    Thomas Lennon - Carl Halabi
    [Tag:ethnicity, racism]
  • “A kid who wears the same gymnastics sweatshirt three days a week isn't getting laid until he's 29. That's what I know.”
    Cameron Diaz - Elizabeth Halsey
  • “Learning is fun-tastic.”
    Rose Abdoo - School Secretary