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Movie Juno
Jason Reitman directed this movie in 2007
Title Juno
Year 2007
Director Jason Reitman
Genre Drama, Comedy
Plot – Juno MacGuff is an outspoken and confident teenager who maintains the control over her life with apparent indifference and detachment. She's living all the emotional turmoils of a pregnancy which leads her directly from adolescence to adulthood. Clever and unique, behind an illusory strength Juno hides the soul of a teenager who's simply trying to figure out what to do. While her classmates at the 'Dancing Elk' spend their free time surfing the Internet or wandering at the mall, Juno lives by her own rules. During a boring afternoon Juno decides to have sex with Bleeker, a shy guy. When she discovers she's pregnant, with the help of her best friend Leah, Juno plans to find the perfect parents for her baby.
All actors – Ellen Page, Michael Cera, Jennifer Garner, Jason Bateman, Allison Janney, J.K. Simmons, Olivia Thirlby, Eileen Pedde, Rainn Wilson, Daniel Clark, Darla Fay, Aman Johal, Valerie Tian, Emily Perkins, Kaaren de Zilva, Steven Christopher Parker, Candice King, Sierra Pitkin, Lucas MacFadden, Eve Harlow, Kirsten Alter, Emily Tennant, Ashley Whillans, Jeff Witzke, Colin McSween, Peggy Logan, Cameron Bright, Joy Galmut, Wendy Russell, Robyn Ross, Dallas Hanson, Bryson Russell, Derek Mann, Keith Frost, Grayson Grant, Robin Watts, Tyler Watts, Brandon Barton, Josephine Reitman, Oliver Gorin, Ethan Steelberg, Matthew Sanders
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