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Justin Randall
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Justin Timberlake
January 31, 1981
North American
singer-songwriter, dancer, actor, record producer
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Justin Timberlake quotes
  • “Private behaviour is a relic of a time gone by, and if somehow, someway, you've managed to live your life like the Dalai Lama, they'll make shit up. Because they don't want you, they want your idea.”

    Justin Timberlake - Sean Parker
    [Tag:behavior, ideas, life]
  • “The kid makes fires. And not such little ones. He played hooky from summer school and even made fires on the beach where it's forbidden. What the hell does the kid see when he just stares into the flames? Is it the eternal power of the universe? The conversion of mass into energy? The Furies at work? Whatever his motive, it is not appreciated.”
    Justin Timberlake - Mickey
  • “- Mickey: Jesus, what a sheltered life I've led. I have book knowledge but you've really tasted life.
    - Carolina: You've been round the world.
    - Mickey: Yeah, but you've been around the block. You think you'll always be looking over your shoulder?
    - Carolina: Everybody dies, you can't walk around thinking about it.
    - Mickey: You're talking to a...” (continue)
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    Justin Timberlake - Mickey
    Juno Temple - Carolina
  • From the animation: Trolls
    “Poppy-Thank you!
    Branch-No, thank you.
    Poppy-For what?
    Branch-For showing me how to be happy.”

    Anna Kendrick - Poppy
    Justin Timberlake - Branch
  • From the animation: Trolls
    “Branch-What's your plan?
    Poppy-I just told you: Rescue everyone and make it home safely.
    Branch-Okay. That's not a plan, that's a wish list.”

    Anna Kendrick - Poppy
    Justin Timberlake - Branch
    [Tag:planning, wishes]
  • From the animation: Trolls
    “Branch-You don't know anything, Poppy, and I can't wait to see the look on your face when you realize you realize the world isn't all cupcakes and rainbows, cause it isn't.
    Poppy-Hey, I know it's not all cupcakes and rainbows, but I'd rather go through life thinking that it mostly is instead of being like you. You don't sing. You don't dance....” (continue)
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    Anna Kendrick - Poppy
    Justin Timberlake - Branch
  • From the animation: Trolls
    “Branch-Seriously, more singing?
    Poppy-Yes, seriously. Singing helps me relax. Maybe you ought to try it.
    Branch-I don't sing and I don't relax. This is the way I am and I like it. I also like a little silence!”

    Anna Kendrick - Poppy
    Justin Timberlake - Branch
  • From the animation: Trolls
    “I really only have enough supplies down here to last me 10 years, 11 if I'm willing to store and drink my own sweat, which I am. You all said I was crazy, huh? Well, who's crazy now? Me, crazy prepared!”
    Justin Timberlake - Branch
    [Tag:food, madness]
  • From the animation: Trolls
    “ I don't trust him. Who wears socks with no shoes?”
    Justin Timberlake - Branch
    [Tag:clothes, trust]
  • “- Mickey: Nothing you could tell me could put the slightest shadow on this evening.
    - Ginny: I'm not 35. I'm 38. I'm 39.
    - Mickey: Well, that's a very hot age for a woman. I'm a very lucky guy.”

    Justin Timberlake - Mickey
    Kate Winslet - Ginny
    [Tag:age, charm, women]
  • “If there's something you want to do, or someone you really want to be, then the only one standing in your way... is you.”
    Justin Timberlake - Artie
  • “I'm Mickey Rubin. Poetic by nature. I harbor dreams of being a writer. A writer of truly great plays, so I can one day surprise everyone and turn out a profound masterpiece. Anyhow. Let me get to the story in which I am a character, so, be warned, as a poet, I use symbols, and as a budding dramatist, I relish melodrama and larger-than-life...” (continue)(continue reading)

    Justin Timberlake - Mickey
  • “- Mickey: I'm still single. Very single.
    - Johnny: Maybe you are emotionally unavailable.
    - Mickey: Emotionally unavailable?
    - Johnny: Yeah.
    - Mickey: Who are you, Dr. Phil?
    - Johnny: Hey, that is quality television.”

    Amy Adams - Mickey
    Justin Timberlake - Johnny
  • “- Johnny: So, what's Mickey short for? Michelle?
    - Mickey: Mickey is short for Mickey. As in Mickey Mantle, my father's favorite player.
    - Johnny: Aha. Lucky it wasn't Yogi Berra.”

    Justin Timberlake - Johnny
    Amy Adams - Mickey
  • “- Mickey: Why are right next to me?
    - Johnny: Because you're the first scout I've ever been attracted to - thank God.
    - Mickey: I'm not a scout, I'm a lawyer.
    - Johnny: Normally a deal breaker, but I'm all about expanding my leve of tolerance, self-improvement, et cetera.”

    Amy Adams - Mickey
    Justin Timberlake - Johnny
    [Tag:flirting, lawyers]
  • “Everyone gambles. They may call it something else, like the stock market, or real estate. But make no mistake, if you're risking something, you're gambling. And if you're gambling, then I'm the guy you want to see.”
    Justin Timberlake - Richie Furst
    [Tag:gambling, risk]
  • “- Richie Furst: I've never even been on a private plane before today.
    - Rebecca Shafran: You get used to it pretty quickly.”

    Justin Timberlake - Richie Furst
    Gemma Arterton - Rebecca Shafran
    [Tag:flying, habit]
  • “A girl I loved in high school was with the co-captain of the lacrosse team and I wanted to take her from him so I decided to come up with the next big thing.”

    Justin Timberlake - Sean Parker
  • “- Mark Zuckerberg: Do you ever think about the girl?
    - Sean Parker: What girl?
    - Mark Zuckerberg: The one. The girl in high school who was with the lacrosse thing.
    - Sean Parker: No.”

    Jesse Eisenberg - Mark Zuckerberg
    Justin Timberlake - Sean Parker
  • You're twenty minuteslate. You're gonna walk in there and say you overslept and didn't have time to get dressed. They're gonna pitch you. They're gonna beg you to take their money. You're gonna nod, and then you're gonna say, "Which one of you is Mitchell Manningham?" And he'll say, "I am." And then you say, "Sean Parker says, 'Fuck you'.
    Justin Timberlake - Sean Parker
    [Tag:insult, money, working]