“Knight and Day” quotes

Movie Knight and Day
James Mangold directed this movie in 2010
Title Knight and Day
Year 2010
Director James Mangold
Genre Comedy, Romance, Action
All actors – Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, Peter Sarsgaard, Jordi Mollà, Viola Davis, Paul Dano, Falk Hentschel, Marc Blucas, Lennie Loftin, Maggie Grace, Rich Manley, Dale Dye, Celia Weston, Gal Gadot, Jack O'Connell, Trevor Loomis, Nilaja Sun, Tommy Nohilly, Taylor Treadwell, Christian Finnegan, Brian Dykstra, Brian Tarantina, Natasha Paczkowski, Jerrell Lee Wesley, Matthew Lawler, Ronn Surels, Eric Robert Bradshaw Bennett, Scott Wahle, Sara Underwood, Helen L. Welsh, King Orba, Michael Enright, Adam Gregor, Mitch E. Bowan, Gerry Carbajal, , Diana Afonso, Charlie Alejandro, Carl Alleyne, Stanis Krista Ames, Nicholas Art, Jacqueline Astbury, Nicole Boucher, Gonzalo Bouza, Brian Bradbury, Brina, Joshua Brown, Catherine Burt, Katelyn Cahill, Arnold Chon, Desiree April Connolly, Jeffrey Corazzini, D.W. Cormier, Christopher J. Davis, Oscar de la Casa, Holland Diaz, Sean Patrick Doherty, Paul Elicone, Frederick Fairbanks, Susan Farese, Mugisha Feruzi, Keith Fluker, Shawn Fogarty, Jim Ford, Hugo Garcia, Suzanne Gillies, Willis Griffiths, Josh Gunderson, London Hall, Lily Blaisdell Hamilton, Gina Hernandez, David Hernández Silva, Mark Hetherington, Frankie Imbergamo, Ren Knopf, Bianca Kovacs, Erica LaRose, Conan Marchi, Dan Marshall, Jeff Martineau, Olivier Martinez, Robert Masiello, Katie McCabe, Erica McDermott, Thomas McGowan, Peter Motson, Scott Neufville, Morgan O'Brien, Sammy Oussama, Greg Paul, Stephen Radochia, Georgina Ransley, Donna Glee Reim, Wilma Cespedes Rivera, Tony Sagastizado I, Hester Schell, Nicole Signore, Bobby Silva, Michael Stavrinos, Stream, David Struffolino, George J. Vezina, Cari Waterman, Stephanie Worth
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  • “Someday. That's a dangerous word. It's really just a code for 'never'.”
    Tom Cruise - Roy Miller
  • “- Roy Miller: Some people are gonna come looking for you now.
    - June Havens: Why?
    - Roy Miller: They'll tell you I'm mentally unstable and violent and dangerous and it will all sound very convincing.
    - June Havens: I'm already convinced.”

    Tom Cruise - Roy Miller
    Cameron Diaz - June Havens
  • - Roy Miller: What day is it today?
    - June Havens: It's "someday"!

    Tom Cruise - Roy Miller
    Cameron Diaz - June Havens
  • - Roy Miller: I did warn you not to get on the plane.
    - June Havens: When? How?
    - Roy Miller: When I said, "Sometimes things happen for a reason".
    - June Havens: That's not a warning, Roy! That's like a saying on a bumper sticker. Next time, try, "June, if you get on that plane, you will freaking die!".

    Tom Cruise - Roy Miller
    Cameron Diaz - June Havens
  • “I think a lot about things I haven't done. Dive in the Great Barrier Reef; ride the Orient Express; live on the Amalfi Coast with nothing but a motorcycle and a backpack; kiss a stranger on the balcony of the Hotel Du Cap.”
    Tom Cruise - Roy Miller
  • “I've been trained to dismantle a bomb in the pitch black with nothing but a safety pin and a Junior Mint, I think I can get you in and out of some clothes without... looking. I'm not saying that's what I did.”
    Tom Cruise - Roy Miller
  • “I've been trained to rebuild a 6 speed transmission with nothing but a pair of pliers and a crescent wrench. I think I can get you into a pair of shorts without looking. I'm not saying that's what I did.”
    Cameron Diaz - June Havens
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