“Big Money Hustlas” quotes

Movie Big Money Hustlas
Title Big Money Hustlas
Year 2000
Director John Cafiero
Genre Comedy, Crime
All actors – Violent J, Shaggy 2 Dope, Jamie Madrox, Monoxide, John G. Brennan, Harland Williams, Rudy Ray Moore, Mick Foley, Fred Berry, Jumpsteady, Stefan Kudek, Myzery, Alex Abbiss, Kamal Ahmed, John Cafiero, Sindee Williams, Jeanmarie Evans, Floyd Vivino, Kayla Kleevage, Keith Perry, Bob Greenberg, Lee Willet, Mike E. Clark, Florence Sturgeon, John Hartmann, Jerry Only, Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein, Michale Graves, Dr. Chud, Billy Bill, The Misfits, Tom Dub, Edward W. Santiago, Poncho Munoz, Christina Gutierrez, Susan Caiafa, Adaku Arondiz, Sharlene Collado, Stephanie Redd, Sandra Schneider, Johanna Estevez, Tearanie Gibson, Sharma Hyman, Terrence Spivey, Bo Arias Jr., Cynder Moon, XXXena, B.B. Gunns, Geoffrey Dowell, Joe Brennan, Greg Jiritano, Rodney Charles, Boyd Benson, Christopher Coffey, Barry Conliffe, Nat Halprin, Bernardo Irizarri, Tim Lyons, Tom O'Hara, Dodge Terlemezia, Paul Thornton
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  • “Lastly there's Ape Boy. This rowdy crazy gorilla motherfucker likes to make his money the old fashion way. Carjackings, hijackings, jacking jackings.”
    Violent J - Big Baby Sweets
    [Tag:crime, money]
  • “- The Chief: Hey you, fat fucking barrel ass sow.
    - Secretary: What now? Are you stuck in that god damn chair again?
    - The Chief: Get Cox in here.
    - Secretary: Got it, Chief. Do you want it in your ass or in your mouth?”

    John G. Brennan - The Chief
  • “I'm wearing an ape suit. That means I don't give a fuck.”
    Violent J - Ape Boy
  • “Fat Tittie Kittie got some big luscious bags of silicone. They glisten in the moon. They shine in the sun. They riggle and jiggle and bounce...”
    Violent J - Big Baby Sweets
  • “- Big Baby Sweets: Who the fuck is this Sugar Bear?
    - Phat Tittie Kittie: He's a cop from Frisko. He's the baddest cop on the force. I heard he took the entire Frisko cartell on by himself. I heard that motherfucker swallowed a hand granade to save a bunch of refugees and shit. He's one bad motherfucker.”

    Violent J - Big Baby Sweets
    Kayla Kleevage - Phat Tittie Kittie