“Black Sunday” quotes

Movie Black Sunday
Title Black Sunday
Original title La maschera del demonio
Year 1960
Director Mario Bava
Genre Horror
Plot – In 1830, Dr. Chomas and his assistant Gorobec, stopping by the ruins of an ancient chapel, find a sarcophagus that contains the rests of Asa, a witch that was executed two centuries earlier. After touching Chomas' blood by accident, the witch comes back to life and starts killing the members of her great-granddaughter Katia's family, who live in a castle nearby.
All actors – Barbara Steele, John Richardson, Andrea Checchi, Ivo Garrani, Arturo Dominici, Enrico Olivieri, Antonio Pierfederici, Tino Bianchi, Clara Bindi, Mario Passante, Renato Terra, Germana Dominici, , Peter Fernandez, Nando Gazzolo, George Gonneau, Bernie Grant, Bret Morrison, Corinne Orr
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