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Movie Corky Romano
Title Corky Romano
Year 2001
Director Rob Pritts
Genre Comedy, Crime
Plot – Corky has been banished from his family because he’s not a good member of the Mafia, so he works happily as a veterinary. When his father Pops needs to get rid of damning evidence, he invents a CV that makes Corky look like a skillful agent to enter in the FBI. Under the name of Agent Pissant, the guy has to deal with dangerous missions. He even gets caught, but his plans include an extraordinary trap.
All actors – Chris Kattan, Vinessa Shaw, Peter Falk, Peter Berg, Chris Penn, Fred Ward, Richard Roundtree, Matthew Glave, Roger Fan, Dave Sheridan, Michael Massee, Vincent Pastore
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  • “I was wondering if I could purchase some heroin and then we could go out and do some hatecrimes and stuff.”
    Chris Kattan - Corky Romano
    [Tag:crime, drugs]
  • Bad dogs aren't born, they are made!”
    Chris Kattan - Corky Romano
    [Tag:badness, dogs]
  • “- Corky Romano: I never thought I'd live to see the day that an FBI agent would be peddling smack.
    - Agent Brick Davis: Don't act so surprised. J. Edgar Hoover used to wear a dress.
    - Corky Romano: Just tell me why, Brick.
    - Agent Brick Davis: I don't know. I suppose it made him feel sexy.
    - Corky Romano: Not Hoover. You!”

    Chris Kattan - Corky Romano
    Matthew Glave - Agent Brick Davis
  • “I'm just a little wired… Ahh, I'm mean wired as in jumpy, not as in there's a concealed wire in my crotch.”
    Chris Kattan - Corky Romano
  • “- Agent Brick Davis: You do speak Manderain, don't you?
    - Corky Romano: Oh yes. I just didn't understand your accent. See, I was taught by an up scale family, Su Su Sudio.”

    Matthew Glave - Agent Brick Davis
    Chris Kattan - Corky Romano