“Year of the Dragon” quotes

Movie Year of the Dragon
Title Year of the Dragon
Year 1985
Director Michael Cimino
Genre Drama, Crime, Thriller, Action
Plot – Following the murder of the local underworld leader Jackie Wong, police captain and Vietnam veteran Stanley White is appointed to investigate a series of crimes committed in New York's Chinatown and attributed to gangs of young criminals. Still resentful for the American failure in Asia and still full of indiscriminate and visceral hatred towards the "slanty eyes", White agrees to thoroughly clean the neighborhood, no holds barred. He believes he can make use of the help of beautiful and daring television journalist Tracy Tzu, daughter of a Sino-Dutch couple, and therefore half "yellow", who, on the other hand, claims the independence of her profession.
All actors – Mickey Rourke, John Lone, Ariane, Leonard Termo, Raymond J. Barry, Caroline Kava, Eddie Jones, Joey Chin, Victor Wong, K. Dock Yip, Hon-Lam Pau, Way Dong Woo, Jimmy Sun, Daniel Davin, Mark Hammer, Dennis Dun, Jack Kehler, Steven Chen, Paul Scaglione, Joseph Bonaventura, Jilly Rizzo, Tony Lip, Fabia Drake, Tisa Chang, Gerald Orange, Mei Sheng Fan, Yukio Yamamoto, Doreen Chan, Ha-lei Yip, Dermot A. McNamara, Vallo Benjamin, Myra Chen, Feng Chin, Yuk Fan Yiu, Richie Hsiu, Jack Lee, David Lee, Irene Jung, Josie Lee, Jiwon Chang, Kelly Wong, Chi Moy, Johnny Shia, Gardell Tung, Jeff Khowong, Chao-jung Chen, Jerry Chang, Aileen Ho, Lisa Lee, Sammy Lee, Keenan Leung, James Scales, Ming C. Lee, Kader Ma, Paul J.Q. Lee, Manny Fung, Emily Woo Yamasaki, Roza Ng, Gloria Au, Jadin Wong, Lin Ngan Ng, Janice Wong, Bruno Millotti, Lucille D'Agnillo, Julian Szumilo, Cecelia Pei, Quan Eng, George Kodisch, Bruce Kennedy, James Chin, Matthew Tung, Pat Fuji, Geoff Lee, Kuni Mikami, Billy Asai, Chi On Soo Hoo, John Sparks, Carmine Venezia, Anthony Parrillo, Matthew Castiglione, Steve Hanson, Raymond Gardner, Michael Acampora
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