“Fever Pitch” quotes

Movie Fever Pitch
Title Fever Pitch
Year 1997
Director David Evans
Genre Drama, Comedy, Romance, Sport
All actors – Luke Aikman, Bea Guard, Neil Pearson, Ruth Gemmell, Colin Firth, Richard Claxton, Ken Stott, Holly Aird, Mark Strong, Lorraine Ashbourne, Peter Quince, Charles Cork, Bob Curtiss, Philip Bond, Scott Baker, Annette Ekblom, Jackie Hyffes, Joe Reddington, Graham Cull, Mike Ingham, Sam Dunbar Banks, Leigh Funnelle, David Hounslow, Simon Bowen, Silas Carson, Geoffrey Drew, Stephen Rea, Liam Stapleton, Emily Conway, Tony Longhurst, Shuli Morris-Evans, Supporters of Arsenal F.C., of Fortismere School The Pupils, Mickey Ambrose, Gary Condes, Nick Hornby, Steve McMahon, Brian Moore, David Pleat, Ian Rush, David Speed, Ian St. John, Elton Welsby
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  • - Sarah Hughes: Paul, it's only a game!
    - Paul Ashworth: Don't say that! Please! That is the worst, most stupid thing anyone could say! 'Cause it quite clearly isn't "only a game". I mean, if it was do you honestly think I'd care this much?

    Ruth Gemmell - Sarah Hughes
    Colin Firth - Paul Ashworth
    [Tag:caring, desire, game]
  • Why is it that adults aren't supposed to go mad about anything? You got to keep a lid on it. And if you don't then people are apparently entitled to say what they like. "You haven't grown up. You're a moron. Your conversation is trivial and boorish. You can't express your emotional needs. You can't relate to your children". And you die, lonely... (continue)(continue reading)
    Colin Firth - Paul Ashworth
  • “- Paul Ashworth: Leave it up to Arsenal to score one goal when they need two.
    - Steve: You want them to score the second goal before they score the first?”

    Colin Firth - Paul Ashworth
    Mark Strong - Steve
    [Tag:goals, soccer]
  • “- Paul's Dad: We don't have to go to Arsenal every time I'm in London, do we? I thought we'd be beyond that stage now.
    - Young Paul: We'll never be beyond that stage.”

    Neil Pearson - Paul's Dad
    Luke Aikman - Young Paul
  • “There isn't anything that I've wanted for eighteen years, 'cause I was a kid eighteen years ago. And if I did still want the same things I'd think I'd gone wrong somewhere, because actually I don't want to marry David Cassidy, I don't want bigger tits, I don't want to do better on my mock-Os. I've stopped worrying about that kind of thing and...” (continue)(continue reading)

    Ruth Gemmell - Sarah Hughes
  • “Maybe there's a big bit of you that's gone missing somewhere, maybe everyone should want something they've always wanted.”

    Colin Firth - Paul Ashworth