“Men With Brooms” quotes

Movie Men With Brooms
Title Men With Brooms
Original title Men with Brooms
Year 2002
Director Paul Gross
Genre Drama, Comedy, Romance, Sport
All actors – James B. Douglas, Molly Parker, Paul Gross, Barbara Gordon, Michelle Nolden, Connor Price, Stan Coles, James Allodi, Darryl Casselman, Mike 'Nug' Nahrgang, Jed Rees, Jane Spidell
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  • “It's not the size of the army, it's the fury of its onslaught.”
    Jed Rees - Eddie Strombeck
    [Tag:army, destruction]
  • “You got to understand something about these guys. To them, money is more or less, uh, a hobby. Violence on the other hand is their real vocation.”
    Peter Outerbridge - James Lennox
    [Tag:money, violence]
  • “For ten years, I've drilled for oil in 93 coutnries, five different continents, and not once have I done anything to equal the grace of a well thrown rock sliding down a sheet. Not once.”
    Paul Gross - Chris Cutter
  • “- James Lennox: I'm a drug dealer.
    - Neil Bucyk: I bury dead people.
    - Eddie Strombeck: I have a single digit sperm count.
    - Chris Cutter: And I'm a naked cheater. I say we go for it. Are you with me? Let's do it.”

    Peter Outerbridge - James Lennox
    James Allodi - Neil Bucyk
    Jed Rees - Eddie Strombeck
    Paul Gross - Chris Cutter
    [Tag:cheating, drugs, job]
  • “Hey man, all I did was cut his bulk mescaline for street sale and neglect to pay him. Chris, on the other hand, crushed his head with a curling rock.”
    Peter Outerbridge - James Lennox
  • “- Chris Cutter: She's okay, she's just tired.
    - Brandon Foley: It's nice that you're lying to me but we both know she's shitface.
    - Chris Cutter: Yeah, you'll take care of her?
    - Brandon Foley: Got to, she's the only mom I've got.”

    Paul Gross - Chris Cutter
    Connor Price - Brandon Foley
  • “- Joanne: Okay. Like shuttleboard.
    - James Lennox: It's shufflebaord and no. You gotta think like snooker, poker, and free-rock climbing. This is dangerous shit.”

    Polly Shannon - Joanne
    Peter Outerbridge - James Lennox
    [Tag:danger, sport]