“Flight of the Intruder” quotes

Movie Flight of the Intruder
Title Flight of the Intruder
Original title Flight of the Intrude
Year 1991
Director John Milius
Genre Drama, Thriller, War, Action
Plot – Two battles are ongoing in the skies of Vietnam: one against the enemy and the other one against superiors' orders. Two US Air pilots decide the way they want to win the war and, disobeying some orders, bomb some Hanoi areas, declared off-limits by the American command itself.
All actors – Danny Glover, Willem Dafoe, Brad Johnson, Rosanna Arquette, Tom Sizemore, J. Kenneth Campbell, Jared Chandler, Dann Florek, Madison Mason, Ving Rhames, Christopher Rich, Douglas Roberts
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  • “Fighter pukes make movies. Bomber pilots make... history!”
    Brad Johnson - Lt. Jake 'Cool Hand' Grafton
  • - Cmdr. Frank 'Dooke' Camparelli: Movie officer, what's the film tonight?
    - Pilot: "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?”, Sir!
    - Cmdr. Frank 'Dooke' Camparelli: Any skin?
    - Pilot: No Sir.
    - Cmdr. Frank 'Dooke' Camparelli: Cancel it!

    Danny Glover - Cmdr. Frank 'Dooke' Camparelli
  • “- Admiral: Did you think you were going to win the war?
    - Lt. Cmdr. Virgil 'Tiger' Cole: Frankly, sir, I think we're going to lose this one. But I do love the work.”

    J. Patrick McNamara - Admiral
    Willem Dafoe - Lt. Cmdr. Virgil 'Tiger' Cole
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  • “This war's become very confusing. Nobody... nobody wants to fight in it. Nobody seems to want to win it. Maybe it never should have happened, but people do die in it.”

    Brad Johnson - Lt. Jake 'Cool Hand' Grafton
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  • “- Boxman: Preflight, kid: money?
    - Lt. (j.g.) Jack 'Razor' Barlow: Yeah, I got some.
    - Boxman: Prophylactics?
    - Lt. (j.g.) Jack 'Razor' Barlow: I got two!
    - Boxman: Oh yeah? I always carry twenty-six myself… that's not a joke!”

    Tom Sizemore - Boxman
    Jared Chandler - Lt. (j.g.) Jack 'Razor' Barlow