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  • “- Captain of the 'Weser': What's it like down there, in a submarine?
    - Der Leitende: It's... quiet.”

    Günter Lamprecht - Captain of the 'Weser'
    Klaus Wennemann - Chief Engineer Fritz Grade - Der Leitende-Der LI
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  • “- Chef: I was supposed to go to Paris, study at the Escoffier School. That's when I got my orders. Well, I joined the Navy. Heard they had better food. Cook school, that did it.
    - Willard: Oh yeah? How's that?
    - Chef: They lined us up in front of a hundred yards of prime rib. All of us, you know, lined up and looking at it. Magnificent meat!...” (continue)
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    Frederic Forrest - Jay 'Chef' Hicks
    Martin Sheen - Captain Benjamin L. Willard
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  • “The Navy Diver is not a fighting man, he is a salvageexpert. If it is lost underwater, he finds it. If it's sunk, he brings it up. If it's in the way, he moves it. If he's lucky, he will die young, 200 feet beneath the waves, for that is the closest he'll ever get to being a hero.”
    Robert De Niro - Master Chief Billy Sunday
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  • “A Chief Petty Officer shall not drink. However, if he should drink he shall not get drunk. If he should get drunk, he shall not stagger. And if he should stagger, he shall not fall. And if he should fall, he will fall in such a manner as to cover up his rank so that passerby will think he is an officer.”
    Robert De Niro - Master Chief Billy Sunday
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  • “No captain in the soviet navy has ever been faced with such decisions the fate of the boat, the crew, and the fate of the world all in balance. The navy is my life. And one thing I know, there can only be one captain of a ship. The burden of command is on his shoulders, and his alone. None of you, none of you, has the right to judge captain...” (continue)(continue reading)

    Liam Neeson - Capt. Mikhail Polenin
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  • “If I were going to be careful, I'd have joined the Coast Guard.”
    Paul Sanchez - Ramos
    [Tag:army, navy, safety]
  • “Claire Dearing-So, you can pick up their scent can't you? Track their foot prints.
    Owen Grady-I was with the Navy. Not the Navajo.”

    Chris Pratt - Owen Grady
    Bryce Dallas Howard - Claire Dearing
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  • “Unless we're parked in San Diego Bay, you're at war every time you step on this boat.”

    Gene Hackman - Reigart
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  • “- Pilot: Lieutenant, you guys are incredible. Thank you.
    - Lt. James Curran: There's no reason to thank us because we don't exist. You never saw us. This never happened.
    - Lt. Dale Hawkins: One more thing: you're welcome.”

    Michael Biehn - Lt. James Curran
    Charlie Sheen - Lt. Dale Hawkins
  • “The boat is rated to 90 metres, but of course we can go deeper. There's a limit somewhere. We can only take so much pressure... before the boat will be crushed.”
    Martin Semmelrogge - 2nd Lieutenant - 2WO
  • “- Admiral Hammond: On behalf of your commanding officer I'm sure I can tell Mr. José Iturbi that the officers and crew of ship are grateful to him for coming here, to lead our naval bands in this ceremony.
    - José Iturbi: Along with every other civilian, it is I who am grateful to you, and to all the men in the United States navy.”

    Henry O'Neill - Admiral Hammond
    José Iturbi - José Iturbi
    [Tag:gratitude, navy]
  • “- Lt. Dave Spradling: We were supposed to meet in your office fifteen minutesago to talk about the McDermont case. You're stalling on this thing. We get this done right now, or I mean it, Kaffee, I'm going to hang your boy from a fuckin' yardarm!
    - Lt. Daniel Kaffee: Yardarm? Sherby, does the Navy still hang people from Yardarms?
    - Lt. Sherby:...” (continue)
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    Matt Craven - Lt. Dave Spradling
    Tom Cruise - Lt. Daniel Kaffee
    Geoffrey Nauffts - Lt. Sherby
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  • “We joined the Marines because we wanted to live our lives by a certain code, and we found it in the Corps. Now you're asking us to sign a piece of paper that says we have no honor. You're asking us to say we're not Marines. If a court decides that what we did was wrong, then I'll accept whatever punishment they give. But I believe I was right...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Wolfgang Bodison - Lance Cpl. Harold W. Dawson
    [Tag:honor, navy]
  • “Fighter pukes make movies. Bomber pilots make... history!”
    Brad Johnson - Lt. Jake 'Cool Hand' Grafton
    [Tag:history, navy, soldiers]
  • “- Allison Hayes: Why'd you join the Navy?
    - David Herdeg: You know the old saying: girl in every port.”

    Nancy Allen - Allison Hayes
    Michael Paré - David Herdeg
    [Tag:motive, navy, women]
  • “- Tom Dodge: Men, at ease. I'd like to introduce you to the newest member of our crew, Lt. Emily Lake. Emily is part of a pilot program to test the feasibility of women serving on submarines. She's going to be our diving officer.
    - Stepanak: Can she do a one-and-a-half inward back in the layout position?
    - Tom Dodge: All right, look,...” (continue)
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    Kelsey Grammer - Tom Dodge
    Bradford Tatum - Stepanak
    [Tag:navy, soldiers]
  • “Take no prisoners Mr. Christian!”
    Philip Anthony Hopkins - Lieutenant William Bligh
    [Tag:commanding, navy]
  • I'm talking United States Navy, middle of World War II. You know the reason they gave him? The reason why they told my grandfather he couldn't fight for his country? "'Cause negroes can't see at night. Bad night vision".

    Morris Chestnut - McCool
    [Tag:navy, racism, seeing]
  • “In combat, events have a duration of seconds, sometimes minutes. But what you're going through goes on day in and day out. Whether you're ready for it or not, week in, week out. Month after month after month. Whether you're up or whether you're down. You're assaulted psychologically.”

    Colm Feore - Richard Scruggs
    [Tag:navy, stress, war]
  • Here it is: the Irish Republican Navy.”

    Brad Pitt - Rory Devaney
  • “Discipline's the thing. A seaman's a seaman, a captain's a captain. And a midshipman is the lowest form of animal life in the British navy.”

    Charles Laughton - Bligh
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  • “- Lt. Daniel Kaffee: I'm just not that crazy about boats, that's all.
    - Lt. Cdr. JoAnne Galloway: Jesus Christ, Kaffee, you're in the Navy for crying out loud.”

    Tom Cruise - Lt. Daniel Kaffee
    Demi Moore - Lt. Cdr. JoAnne Galloway
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  • “- Chief Carl Brashear: Forgive me sir, but to me, the Navy isn't a business. It's an organization of people who represent the finest aspects of our nation. We have many traditions. In my career, I have encountered most of them. Some are good, some not so good. I would, however not be here today were it not for our greatest tradition of all.
    -...” (continue)
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    Cuba Gooding Jr. - Chief Carl Brashear
    David Conrad - Capt. Hanks
    [Tag:honor, navy, tradition]
  • “Sir, I am a Navy man. Where I come from, there are no oceans. Only dirt farms and ornery mules. And no self-respecting Navy man makes a living driving mules.”
    Cuba Gooding Jr. - Chief Carl Brashear
    [Tag:countryside, navy]
  • “- Samuel Pepys: Tell me about your parentage, Miss Gwynn.
    - Nell Gwynn: My mum was a whore, my father was in the navy.
    - Samuel Pepys: I see.
    - Nell Gwynn: That's why I don't never do sailors.”

    Hugh Bonneville - Samuel Pepys
    Zoë Tapper - Nell Gwynn
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