“Florence Foster Jenkins” quotes

Movie Florence Foster Jenkins
Stephen Frears directed this movie in 2016
Title Florence Foster Jenkins
Year 2016
Director Stephen Frears
Genre Drama, Comedy, Biography
Plot – Florence Foster Jenkins is a 2016 biographical film about a New York heiress who dreamed of becoming an opera singer, despite having a terrible voice because of an injury in her youth. Her husband and manager, St Clair Bayfield, an aristocratic English actor, supports her so she gets to perform at Carnegie Hall in 1944.
All actors – Meryl Streep, Hugh Grant, Simon Helberg, Rebecca Ferguson, Nina Arianda, Stanley Townsend, Allan Corduner, Christian McKay, David Haig, John Sessions, Brid Brennan, John Kavanagh, Pat Starr, Maggie Steed, Thelma Barlow, Liza Ross, Paola Dionisotti, Rhoda Lewis, Aida Garifullina, David Mills, David Menkin, Sid Phoenix, Tunji Kasim, Carl Davis, Lloyd Hutchinson, Richard Kilgour, Jonathan Plowright, Josh O'Connor, Brian Fisher, Stefan Bednarczyk, Nathan Osgood, Caolan Byrne, John Guerrasio, Ewan Stewart, Greg Lockett, Cameron Cuffe, Georgina Morton, James Sobol Kelly, Dar Dash, Grant Gillespie, Nat Luurtsema, Philip Rosch, Elliot Levey, Danny Mahoney, Simon Markson, Mark Arnold, Adele Smyth-Kennedy, Jenny Hawkins, Hallam Rice-Edwards, Victory Maburutse, Rosy Benjamin, Oliver King, James Wallace, Charles Streeter, Andrew Sloane, Madeleine Knight, Stephanie Lane, , Zac Whitehead, Adele Armas, Claire Ashton, Pamela Ashton, Marc Benanti, Oliver Bentley-Jones, Paul Bergquist, Tim Berry, Richard Bevan, Lee Bolton, Marie Borg, Dilyana Bouklieva, Eveline Chapman, Pamela Betsy Cooper, Marc Cowpland, Clare Crowther, Nick Davison, Stephanie Eccles, Flor Ferraco, Florence Foster Jenkins, Neve Gachev, Caroline Garnell, Philip Gascoyne, David Goodson, Billy Griffin Jr., Richard Gumm, Chris Hembury, Tony Honickberg, David Howkins, Alan Wyn Hughes, Joy Isa, Alex Jaep, Patrick Carney Junior, Solomon Taiwo Justified, Phelim Kelly, Stefan Kopiecki, Jorge Leon Martinez, Wesley Lloyd, Carlos Martín, Martyn Mayger, Pete Meads, Patrick Moorhouse, Shaun Newnham, Alan Peett, Christina Pennant, Anita Potter, Lovell Richards, Janette Sharpe, Daran Somers, Nicolas Stone, Ryan Storey, Steven F Thompson, Billy Totham, Mark Walsh, Tony Paul West, Paul Wingrove, Yvan Zahui
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  • “Florence Foster Jenkins-Now, I must warn you, I work very hard. I study an hour every day. Sometimes two. And my father didn't leave me as much money as everybody thinks, so I couldn't pay you more than a hundred and fifty.
    Cosmé McMoon-A month?
    Florence Foster Jenkins-A week. I'm not destitute!”

    Meryl Streep - Florence Foster Jenkins
    Simon Helberg - Cosmé McMoon
    [Tag:learning, money]
  • “Is her instrument quite what it was? Perhaps not. But as Beethoven said, a few wrong notes may be forgiven, but singing without feeling cannot.”
    Hugh Grant - St Clair Bayfield
  • “St Clair Bayfield-You are not strong enough, Bunny. What if it kills you?
    Florence Foster Jenkins-Then I shall die happy.”

    Meryl Streep - Florence Foster Jenkins
    Hugh Grant - St Clair Bayfield
    [Tag:death, strength]
  • “People may say I couldn't sing, but no one can ever say I didn't sing.”
    Meryl Streep - Florence Foster Jenkins
    [Tag:dreams, music, singers]
  • “Oh, you think that I didn't have ambition? I was a good actor. But I was never going to be a great actor. It was very very hard to admit that to myself. But once I had, I felt free from the tyranny of ambition. I started to live.”
    Hugh Grant - St Clair Bayfield