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Movie The Favourite
Title The Favourite
Year 2018
Director Yorgos Lanthimos
Genre Drama, Comedy, Biography
Plot – It’s the early 18th century, and England is at war with France. Nevertheless, duck races and pineapples are all the rage. The weak Queen Anne (Olivia Colman) has the throne, while it’s her close friend Lady Sarah Churchill the one who manages the country on her behalf, as well as taking care of the ill Queen. At one point the charming Abigail Masham arrives at court, becoming well-loved by Sarah, who will take her to heart. For Abigail, this is the opportunity to reconnect with her aristocratic roots. As the war affairs take up more and more of Sarah’s time and attention, Abigail manages to take her place with Queen Anne, becoming her confidant. Thanks to the close friendship she will build with Queen Anne, Abigail will manage to follow her own ambitions and won’t allow anyone and anything to get in her way.
All actors – Olivia Colman, Rachel Weisz, Emma Delves, Faye Daveney, Emma Stone, Paul Swaine, Jennifer White, LillyRose Stevens, Denise Mack, James Smith, Mark Gatiss, Horatio, Willem Dalby, Edward Aczel, Carolyn Saint-Pé, John Locke, Nicholas Hoult, Everal Walsh, Basil Eidenbenz, Declan Wyer, Anthony Dougall, James Melville, Timothy Innes, Joe Alwyn, Ben English, Wilson Radjou-Pujalte, Peter Brookes, Gavin Henderson, Djordje Jovanovic, Sam Kemp, Hana McDowell, James Perrin, Luca Wiseman, Callum Lewin, Jenny Rainsford, Liam Fleming, Angela Hicks, Martin Pemberton, Isaura Barbé-Brown, Alexis Bennett, Samuel Bossman, Antonia Castilla, Solomon Jean Charles, Errol Clayton, Leigh Dent, Chris Elms, Frank Gordon, Tim Ingall, Elizabeth Ita, Roisin Keogh, Nathan Lang, Poppy Lawless, Hannah Morley, Alfrun Rose, Janette Sharpe, Jack Veal, Emily Vinnicombe, Zenobia Voegele-Downing, Arthur Wilde
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