“Hitler's S.S.: Portrait in Evil” quotes

Movie Hitler's S.S.: Portrait in Evil
Title Hitler's S.S.: Portrait in Evil
Year 1985
Director Jim Goddard
Genre Drama, War
All actors – John Shea, Bill Nighy, Lucy Gutteridge, David Warner, Warren Clarke, Michael Elphick, Stratford Johns, Robert Urquhart, José Ferrer, Carroll Baker, Tony Randall, John Normington
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  • - Karl Hoffmann: You can probably remember when Bismark was Chancellor!
    - Uncle Walter: That's right, I can. And we didn't have songs to honor pimps then, either.
    - Karl Hoffmann: The "Horst Wessel"? What are you talking about, Horst Wessel was killed in a fight with the Communists back in '30.
    - Uncle Walter: I don't care if he was killed by a... (continue)
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    John Shea - Karl Hoffmann
    Stratford Johns - Uncle Walter
  • “We hoped you enjoyed our entertainment ladies and gentlemen, that's all we have for you tonight... oh... one thing I almost forgot, someone asked me a request. Would I sing the Polish national anthem... anyone know it? You know it? Well, no matter. It'll be obsolete by Christmas anyway, like the Jews.”

    Tony Randall - Putzi
  • “Just think if we were asked to observe a minute of silence for all the people we've slaughtered and all the people our friends in the SS have slaughtered. Why, we'd be spending the rest of our lives in total silence!”
    John Shea - Karl Hoffmann
  • “Who needs Revolutionaries when the Revolution has already been achieved?”
    Bill Nighy - Helmut Hoffmann