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Movie Salvador
Oliver Stone directed this movie in 1986
Title Salvador
Year 1986
Director Oliver Stone
Genre Drama, History, Thriller, War
Plot – In 1980, the forty-year-old journalist Richard Boyle has just been left by his wife Claudia and is having difficulties with his co-workers, who no longer have confidence in him. So Richard decides to leave California and to move to El Salvador where he thinks life is easier. He brings his looser friend Rock with him. However, when the two arrive things are not as Richard thought. In Salvador the guerrillas are rising and the arrogant cynical far-right National Guard, armed by the US under Reagan, is sowing death and violence all over the country. Richard immediately takes a position against the military and against those of his own countrymen who support and justify it, stating his theory of real democracy based on respect for the autonomy and dignity of the Salvadoran people, risking death several times with his friend. He wants to photograph the brutalities committed by the military and write articles about their misdeeds, so he join forces with another photojournalist, John Cassady, who is even more idealistic and reckless than he is. Rock, who wants to return to America but cannot, reluctantly helps them to overcome dangers and pitfalls. Richard finds Maria, a young local woman he had met before, and realizes he is in love with her and her two children, so he decides to take them back to America with him. However, the situation worsens when Archbishop Romero, who had proclaimed the Church's solidarity to the rebels, is assassinated in the cathedral and four nuns are raped and brutally murdered by a right-wing death squad. The US ambassador Thomas Kelly can do nothing to calm the situation. The guerrillas seem to triumph for a while and the soldiers, temporarily abandoned by the Americans, have the worst of it. However, weapons arrive again and the Salvadorans are forced to succumb. War carries on and no one does anything. One of Maria's brothers, Carlos, is murdered by the National Guard; John is shot dead while he is taking stunning photos; Richard manages to find false documents for his woman and her children to reach the US. Everything seems well now, but unfortunately the American police, perhaps warned by somebody, discover Maria and her children and send them back to El Salvador, while Richard is arrested for resisting the police.
All actors – James Woods, James Belushi, Michael Murphy, John Savage, Elpidia Carrillo, Tony Plana, Colby Chester, Cynthia Gibb, Will MacMillan, Valerie Wildman, José Carlos Ruiz, Jorge Luke, Juan Fernández, Salvador Sánchez, Rosario Zúñiga, Martín Fuentes, Gary Farr, Gilles Millinaire, Ramón Menéndez, John Doe, Leticia Valenzuela, Roberto Sosa, Daria Okugawa, Sue Ann McKean, Joshua Gallegos, María Rubell, Ty Granderson Jones, Sean Stone, Danna Hansen, Sigridur Gudmunds, Erika Carlsson, Kara Glover, Julie Conn, María Sánchez del Carmen, Art Bonilla, Gerardo Zepeda, Nicolás Jasso, José Chávez, Héctor Téllez, Jorge Reynoso, Jorge Pol, César Sobrevals, Bruno Rubeo, Bob Morones, Juliana Urquisa, Queta Carrasco, María de los Ángeles Urquiza, Tomás Leal, René Pereyra, Arturo Rodríguez Doring, Jair De Rubin, Claudia Hernández, Humberto Elizondo, Mário Arévalo, Gerardo Quiroz, Israel León, Mauricio Martínez, Xochitl del Rosario, Agustín Bernal, John MacDevitt, Bill Hoag, Waldeir DeSouza, Ángel Vargas, Miguel Ehrenberg, Jimmy Carter, Nancy Davis, Robert Gallo, Ronald Reagan
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