“Holy Man” quotes

Movie Holy Man
Title Holy Man
Year 1998
Director Stephen Herek
Genre Drama, Comedy
Plot – Ricky Hayman sells commercial products on TV, but the sales are in crisis and Ricky is sided by Kate Newell, a media-analyst. One day, they meet by chance G., a strange guy who performs therapeutic-hypnotic sessions. Ricky proposes him to act on TV to rise the sales and the show has a great success. G. signs a contract, but Kate thinks the network wants to spoil him, so she resigns, while Ricky decides to stop the show.
All actors – Eddie Murphy, Jeff Goldblum, Kelly Preston, Robert Loggia, Jon Cryer, Eric McCormack, Sam Kitchin, Robert Small, Marc Macaulay, Mary Stout, Edie McClurg, Kim Staunton, Morgan Fairchild, Betty White, Florence Henderson, James Brown, Soupy Sales, Dan Marino, Willard Scott, Nino Cerruti, Barbara Barron, Madeline Vail, Clarence Reynolds, Mal Jones, Jody Wilson, Pamela West, Tim Powell, Lori Viveros Herek, Angel Schmiedt, Whitney Dupree, Jennifer Taylor, Robert Walker, Elodia Riovega, Avrohom Horovitz, Al Kamarr, Dan Fitzgerald, Mark Brown, Mike Benitez, Deborah Magdalena, Adriana Cataño, Andrea Lively, Kim Alexis, Veronica Webb, Lee Bryant, Nick Santa Maria, Aaron Elbaz, Scotty Gallin, John Bosa, Jeffrey Wetzel, Erin Morrissey, Daryl Meyer, Ronda Pierson, Brett Rice, John Archie, Armando Ramos, Nancy Duerr, Tonya Oliver, Fred Workman, Jacqueline Chernov, Roger E. Reid, Peter Paul DeLeo, Errol Smith, Dave Corey, Alejandro Acosta Fox, Maria Alejandra Carpio, Laurie Wallace, Willie Gault, Amanda Lynn, Charles Haugk, Margaret Muldoon, Mark Massar, Toy Van Lierop, Dana Hawkins, Denise Heinrich, Antoni Corone, Marc C. Geschwind, A.J. Alexander O. Parhm, Alan Jordan, Mike Kirton, Pati Lauren, Patrick Bauchau, Tucker Brown, John Campagnoly, Sarahi Diaz, Edge, Richard Fitzpatrick, Ru Flynn, Sheldon Fogel, Deborah Smith Ford, Patrick H. Fox, Bob Glazier, Manouschka Guerrier, Debbie Howard, Kate Karpinski, Gloria Laino, Eugene Levy, Marlene Marcos, Rick Michaels, William B. Murphy, Sherrie Peterson, Al Quinn, Gary A. Rogers, Joanna Theobalds, Gail Van Brock, Robert Watson, Jevon White
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  • - McBainbridge: I'm giving you two weeks to get things moving or you're history.
    - Ricky: Wait a second. First of all, two weeks? You gotta give me a little more time than that.
    - McBainbridge: Hold it! Hold it right there! Right there. Every day on the way to work, I pass a dozen guys carrying signs: "Homeless family will work for food"... (continue)
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    Robert Loggia - McBainbridge
    Jeff Goldblum - Ricky
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  • “That's what life is all about, connecting. In fact that's the only time you're ever alive, really, is when you're connecting.”
    Eddie Murphy - G'
  • “Seventy-five years. That's how much time you get if you're lucky. Seventy-five years. Seventy-five Winters. Seventy-five Springtimes. Seventy-five Summers. And Seventy-five Autumns. When you look at it like that, it's not a lot of time, is it? Don't waste them. Get your head out of the rat race and forget about the superficial things that...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Eddie Murphy - G'
  • “Good. Better. Best. Never let it rest, 'til your good is Better and your better is best!”
    Jeff Goldblum - Ricky
  • “I'm not saying, drop everything and let the world come to a grinding halt. I'm saying that you could become a seeker. You could be loving more. You could be taking some chances. You could be living more. You could be spending more time with your family. You could be getting in touch with the part of you that lives instead of fears; the part of...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Eddie Murphy - G'
  • “- 'G' Makeup Artist: I've made you up to look like you have no make-up on at all.
    - G: That's a metaphysics I didn't even know existed.”

    Toy Van Lierop - G' Makeup Artist
    Eddie Murphy - G'