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Movie Life
Title Life
Year 1999
Director Ted Demme
Genre Drama, Comedy, Crime
Plot – Ray and Claude hate each other but are forced to take a trip together from New York to Mississippi to smuggle a load of whiskey. A mean white sheriff frames them for murder and has them serve life sentences. It is 1932 and in Camp 8 of the State Prison there is only room for blacks and that is where Ray and Claude settle. After 65 years of constant bickering and reconciliation with many things happening in the world, the two now elderly men finally take their well-deserved revenge.
All actors – Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Obba Babatundé, Nick Cassavetes, Anthony Anderson, Barry Shabaka Henley, Brent Jennings, Bernie Mac, Miguel A. Núñez Jr., Michael Taliferro, Guy Torry, Bokeem Woodbine, Ned Beatty, Lisa Nicole Carson, O'Neal Compton, Noah Emmerich, Rick James, Clarence Williams III, Heavy D, Bonz Malone, Ned Vaughn, R. Lee Ermey, Sanaa Lathan, Allyson Call, Poppy Montgomery, James D. Brubaker, Walter K. Jordan, Brooks Almy, Hal Havins, Hildy Brooks, Kenn Whitaker, Ernie Lee Banks, David Alexander, Johnny Brown, Armelia McQueen, Nate Evans, Todd Everett, Don Harvey, Venus DeMilo, Zaid Farid, Keith Burke, Kenneth White, Leonard O. Turner, Augie Blunt, Quantae Love, Sean Lampkin, James Emory Jr., Bill Gratton, Reamy Hall, George Hartmann, Zack Helvey, Haskell V. Anderson III, Kimble Jemison, Jordan Mahome, William S. Taylor, Jay Arlen Jones, Oscar Jordan, Jordan Lund, Ronald Moss, Betty Murphy, Walter Powell, Christophe Prévost, Dawn Robinson, Leon Sanders, Steve Boyles, , Muhammad Ali, Jimi Hendrix, Martin Luther King, Elvis Presley, Shayne Benton, Sydney 'Big Dawg' Colston, Bridget Morrow, Leon Turner
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